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Started this game 2 weeks ago....

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And I'm still like, 'whoa'. After coming off another playthrough of GTAV, I thought this game was going to be tame... I am absolutely blown away by how good this game is! In two weeks I have only managed to get through about 20%. There is soooo much to see and so many places to explore.

Being someone who absolutely loves to spend as much time as I can in New Orleans, I find the city of Saint Denis absolutely beautiful! Everytime I'm in Saint Denis now, I find another landmark that was pulled from NO... And, the level of detail is incredible.

Just had to take a break from the game to say something.usps tracking showbox speed test

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Take your time with the story missions! There are so many other things to do that kind of help you explore new areas. Things like hunting requests, dinosaur bones, dream-catchers, challenges...

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To get the absolute best out of the game, it's probably best to have two or three goes at it - then you start learning how to balance the story line, your ability increases, and the side missions and challenges.

Glad you're enjoying the game.

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