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Sharpshooter challenge on PC Keyboard - Q doesn't work

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I am unable to complete Sharpshooter 2 challenge on PC.

Sharpshooter 2 requires the character to kill 2 species of animal while in dead eye.

The only button to tag enemies while in dead eye is the Q button

While in dead eye the Q button can be used to tag enemies only while you are in combat.

Simply entering in to dead eye and trying to tag 2 species of animal using the Q button does not work.

Has anyone encountered or solved this issue on PC?

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Sorry for wrong forum. Problem was solved - on PC Q button does not work to tag the target when you are using the scope of a rifle. Use normal sights without the scope, can paint the target with Q as normal. Thanks all.

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Thanks for replying back with the resolution @PuerAzaelis.  I'll go ahead and move this to the PC forums as well since it's more am issue specific to that platform and could help someone else in the same boat.

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