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For some reason I'm unable to send PMs on this website. Anyway, the thread I made a while ago has been locked (Kean_1) due to to my inactivity. I'd like update it while avoiding having to create a new posse thread so I'd rather see it unlocked.

Thread in question is this: 




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The reason you can't send PMs is because you only have two posts since you joined back in May 2019.  We have a limit to help protect our members from spammers, etc.

I will unlock your old thread.  We just ask all new members to please make sure to read and adhere to the community rules including the supplementary ones located in the stickies in the Posse Recruitment sub forum.  

As per the Recruitment forum rules: Threads that are found to have MIA thread starters may be closed at our discretion.   We do this when it's obvious they haven't been back to engage with the RDR2.org community, respond to posts, etc.  

....so anyhow, I unlocked your thread and you should be able to edit or add to it at this point.  I am going to lock this thread as the issue is resolved.  


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