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PC i dunno I love this game.

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There are a lot of bugs and I wasn't on at the start, bought the game last summer and quit due to disconnects and camp spawn issues.

Join me if you like, I usually only play with Russians so there is a chance some of them might join us, but as of now I don't have anyone I regularly play with. PST time zone, I'm an English native speaker.

I've got the Trader, BH, and Collector role, just enjoying my time hunting and pumping up my ranks. Currently level 30 and not yet done with the story missions.

I'd love to meet some other folks at go steady with hehe ... I play Division and Destiny, those games are pretty antisocial for all the social aspects they offer. I like to do lite RP, walk slow, and take in the atmosphere.

Cheers yall, KAEFR_#5294 on discord.

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