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i have problems finding the legendary gator. yes, i've done the country pursuits mission, and after that i got a notification that i was in its territory but couldnt hunt it because there was too much activity. so i went away to do other things.  this happened maybe once or twice, and now i don't get any more notifications. whats going on?  i've gone up and down that road many times, during the day, during the night, but nothing. i've done the revenge mission, iwent away and came back, i went all the way around the swamp, but nothing. ARGH! what do i have to do to make this sucker appear? do i have to go back and do the country pursuits mission again?

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Try to go in his territory and if the gator doesn't appear save the game, and load the game again. It should appear.
I personnaly didn't had any trouble finding it.

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