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Unique Collectables

The Blackangel

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What uniques has everyone found? I'm looking to find as many as possible. I'm playing the Ultimate Edition, so some of these may be unique to that.

So far I have found:
Gold Shield
Female Fertility Statue
Jimmy Brooks' Pen

I'm not counting damp requests like the pipe for Dutch, mirror for Molly, or pen for Mary-Beth. I'm also not counting things that can be bought like the high roller revolver. That said, I've also picked up a few axes, tomahawks, and knives. But I'm not sure if they should be counted or not.

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The Female Fertility Statue respawns after a certain period of time, so I wouldn't consider it unique. The male one (called simply "Fertility Statue", IIRC) is the unique one that's one and done.

There's also the two meteorite pieces, the Triceratops skull thing you get as part of the dinosaur bone mission line, the shrunken head, the Viking comb, the Native American ring you get from looting the drunk Fort Riggs soldier, and whatever that piece of jewelry Penelope Braithwaite offers you for helping her and Beau escape is called.

There's undoubtedly more I'm not remembering.

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You mentioned a few that I had forgotten. I've collected the two meteorite pieces, viking comb, cat skull mask, Pagan burial mask, and the Native American ring. Then there's the random knives and axes. I've also gotten the owl feather trinket from Rains Fall after getting the chanupa back for him. There's Catherine Braithwaite's broach that you can get off her corpse. I'm sure everyone has gotten it, but there's also the emerald you get from "Margaret" after returning his animals to him. Transgender is fine, but he's just a guy in a dress. I was about to say gold ingot, but there remembered that so far I have come up with 2. Everything else was a bar of gold. I've also found the stuff needed for crafting like the petrified wood, and the shell fragment.

As for the female fertility statue, I've never seen it respawn. When I look at it, it says it's a unique item. And with the other fertility statue, isn't it in New Austin? If so, then only way for me to get it is either in the epilogue, or to exploit a glitch to go down there.

With Penelope and Beau, she always offers a sapphire bracelet. Personally, I turn it down. I'll have to check my game, but that's all I can think of at the moment.


While we're on the subject I want to see who has found some of these spots.

Face In The Mountain
Statue Puzzle

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Margaret (his last name, his first name is Haywood) is supposed to be a guy in a dress. In modern terms, he's what's known as a drag queen. Completely separate from transgenderism. The word "transgender" wasn't even coined until 1965 according to Wikipedia.

The Female Fertility Statue definitely respawns every few in-game days, you just can't carry more than one at a time. It's an easy $25 at any fence. And yeah, the other one is hidden in the chimney at the Old Bacchus Place in Hennigan's Stead.

There's also the Fluorite and Ammolite, which are found in a bird's nest on a mountain in Ambarino. You'll have to look up it's location because I've only gotten them once and never bothered again because they're so difficult to get to.

I've seen both quite a few times. What about them?

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9 hours ago, The Blackangel said:

As I said in my first post, I've gotten the fluorite and ammolite several times. In my opinion they're easy to get. I know there's a difference between transgender and drag. I'm transgender.😉

I overlooked that. Sorry.

If you knew the difference, I'm not sure why you needed to bring it up.

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