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Xbox Red Dead players going back online for RDR2?


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Hey everyone, 

First time joining a forum so take it easy! 

I am looking for old players from Red Dead Redemption that played normal gang match types on Xbox. I’m looking to get back online and would love to posse up with some old school players. 

I was a member of xS8Kx who were one of the top 2 clans in the game before COD Black Ops release. 

Old members of RDS, TWO, UGS, NBK (clans I remember) would be ideal. 

I’m no scrub haha. Was raiders4life25 before joining xS8Kx and becoming RAIDERS. 45k kills: 11k deaths. Was top 10 in grab the bag and hold your own before focusing on kills and messing around. 

So Comment if you’re keen to play some casual (competitive as hell) games and roll with some people that have talent from the old game!!

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Title gave wrong message
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19 minutes ago, Pitty87raiders said:

Hey everyone, 

First time joining a forum so take it easy! 

Hey @Pitty87raiders!

Welcome to the forums!

Upon arrival here at the RDR2 forums, one's first stop should be to quickly look over the forum rules, found here:


Next, please tell us a bit about yourself by creating a new thread in the "Introduce Yourself" section:


At that point, you are encouraged to begin posting and commenting. 

I highly recommend visiting the Gamertag thread and posting your info. There, you can find many other players on your platform who would be happy to ride with you.


We're glad your here! Enjoy the forums!
- Skunk


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I haven't played RDR online in a long time. I don't even have live on my xbox 360 anymore. It is cool though knowing some people still play it. With only like 2 months to go for the new game, I am too hyped to play the old one at this point.

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On 8/30/2018 at 4:32 PM, Pitty87raiders said:

My bad! Messed the title up haha! I’m looking for old 360 players that will be playing RDR2 online! Looking for old veterans to play the new game with!

im definitely hyped for the new game! Hopefully I’m just as talented at the new game as the old one lol!

I think a fair share of members here played on 360 so just ask around. You can also create or join a posse too on the forum. Might help your efforts. I'm not planning anything for online yet. My focus will be completely on the story until that is done. 

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