We are currently a team of five and are excited to create the number one destination on the net for everything Red Dead Redemption 2 related! Meet the team who are going to achieve that:

Aron Gerencser

TeamAron is the daily writer on, covering anything and everything related to the game that pops up. All news, stories, rumors and info... anything related to Red Dead Redemption 2 that rears its head will be covered on our front page, and usually by him. When not covering the latest sliver of news or popular rumour, he likes to participate in various gaming communities or write stories for his personal blog. You can also find him on Facebook.

Hassan Sajid

TeamEver since Hassan was a kid he's been playing games, starting on PlayStation consoles and now on PC. Hassan has always been fascinated by story driven games in particular, series like Assassins Creed, GTA and Call of Duty. Of course there is also Red Dead Redemption 2, which has one of the most amazing story lines he's ever played. That, combined with it being a shooter, means it's top of Hassan's list right now. Hassan's LinkedIn

Mike Roberts

Mike isn't a primary writer for, however he has a hand in many of the things running under the hood. In between the news post here and there, Mike takes on anything from updating and polishing our guides to server administration and other general activities. If you want to send something our way but unsure of whom take it to, Mike's your guy. He's also on Facebook.

Logan Smith

Logan is the youngest member of our team and unsurprisingly the best gamer! A long time fan of Rockstar Games he is a Grand Theft Auto addict and very much looking forward to next version of Red Dead Redemption arriving. Logan manages some of our social pages and also chips in with the odd post to the site. Logan occasionally uses Twitter.

Matt Stone

Matt founded the site as a major fan of the Red Dead franchise, however beyond that, he isn't that big of a gamer. When he isn’t working on various improvements across the website including server tweaking, he spends at least as much time out in the open as on the couch with a controller in his hands. Find Matt on Twitter too.

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Wanna get in touch with someone directly? Easy! Just send a message via our our contact form and it will be sent to whoever you specify, or otherwise the most appropriate person.