7 Ways To Make Bounty Hunting Better In RDR 2

Rounding up dangerous outlaws and reckless banditos is an age-old profession, originating in England hundreds of years ago. In 1873, American bounty hunters were given broad authority to chase bail jumpers, using just about any means possible.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Needs Better Shooting Mechanics Than Gta 5

Enter the Wild West.

In Red Dead Redemption, bounty hunting was a great way for players to earn some coin while exploring each region. With a sequel on the horizon, we’ve come up with some ideas on how Rockstar could improve its bounty hunting formula for RDR2.

1. Make it Harder to Discover New Bounties

In Red Dead Redemption, finding new bounty hunts was like climbing a high point in Assassin’s Creed: easy, repetitive, and predictable. All you had to do was find a wanted poster and accept the bounty. The bad guy’s location was then added to your map.

For RDR2, we’d like to see a variety of ways to discover new bounties. Maybe you could talk to bar patrons, eavesdrop at campfires, or inquire at the local jail. Maybe you'll have to go sleuthing for clues before a bounty is unlocked.

2. Not All Criminals Are Equal

Bounty hunting in RDR2 was relatively formulaic: find poster, find bad guy, kill or lasso bad guy, haul bad guy to jail.

Hopefully RDR2 expands on this formula, providing bounties with a range of skills, habits, and henchman. Maybe we could discover unique ways to take our bounty alive by talking to locals or rival gangs. Maybe our target is too difficult for one person to capture and we need to form a posse of our own…

3. Form the Right Gang to Go Hunting

Remember how GTA V lets you assemble a crack team to take on increasingly challenging heists? The catch being the more skilled a team member, the bigger the cut they’d receive.

In RDR2, we’re assuming running with a gang will be a large part of the experience. Gang members could have unique skills (scout, demolition, marksman), and these skills could be paired with other characters to take on bigger bounties. It would add variety and challenge to an otherwise routine pastime.

4. Sniff ‘em Out

Straight from the RDR2 trailer, we know dogs will be roaming the Wild West (or at least barking at vultures). Dogs and bounty hunting go hand-in-hand (to say nothing of Dog the Bounty Hunter!), so we’d like to see the option to take a canine with you to track more illusive bounties.

5. Catch Them if You Can

So you’ve taken your bounty alive, hauled him across the desert, and thrown him in the clink. But what if you just handed El Chapo over to the county jail? Later, you catch wind of a prison break, and when you return you see the jail cell empty. Your bounty just got bigger—and now he has friends that need to be dealt with too.

6. Bounties With a Background

Adding to the challenge of finding bounty hunts, it’d be great to see bounties with more depth. It could be you’ll have to gather personal information in order to find the location of a specific bounty. Or, if you prefer to play on the wrong side of the law, perhaps you can recruit bounties to your gang, assuming they want to join your crime spree.

7. Timed Bounty Hunts

The success of the latest Hitman has certainly proven one thing: people love timed exclusives. While we don’t expect Rockstar to blatantly riff on another game, it’d be pretty cool if legendary bounties popped up every now and then, while only giving players one chance to capture their target before they disappear forever.

RDR2 seems like a painfully long time away, so all we can do is imagine how some of the mechanics will work. How do you want to chase after bounty hunts in RDR2?

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