Red Dead Redemption 2's Possible Take On Undead Nightmare

Red Dead Redemption is a fondly remembered title and considered a timeless classic by many fans, however it's expansion pack, Undead Nightmare, could almost be said to have an even bigger footprint. The zombie apocalypse take on the Wild West setting was an unexpected hit, being a rather fresh take on a stale trope.

Will Red Dead Redemption 2 Get A Standalone Expansion?

But will we get something similar for Red Dead Redemption 2? Well, we sure hope so. Since GTA 5 unfortunately never got the singleplayer expansion that was at one point announced by Rockstar, many players are afraid that the devs will once again only support the online component of the game and give single player the pass when it comes to new post-launch content.

However, we've recently discussed how Red Dead Redemption 2 will be aimed at a different target demographic, meaning different business practices. Of course, it's all speculation, but based on our reasoning, there's a mighty good chance that the game will indeed get some kind of single player expansion down the line, and we really hope it's in a similar vein as Undead Nightmare instead of being serious.

On the one hand, it could be an outright prequel to Undead Nightmare - since RDR2 is almost guaranteed to also be a prequel - which possibly clears up some plot point, like revealing the origin and backstory of the Aztec Mask. All we know is it was the jade mask of Ayauhteotl, and its removal from the catacombs in Escalera, that caused the outbreak. Of course, if RDR2's setting shifts from the frontier to the "American heartland", Aztec connections will be harder to make.

Another possibility is that this time around instead of Zombies, some other kind of whacky Hollywood monster is used. The possibilities are pretty much endless, ranging from werewolves through aliens and dinosaurs all the way to mutagenic parasites. Rockstar could cook up yet another sufficiently out-of-this-world expansion.

That said, from a story standpoint linking the two expansions would offer greater opportunities, hence a direct prequel to Undead Nightmare would be interesting. It could pertain to a different artifact associated with Ayauhteotl, but not the mask this time around, that a merchant brings to the region where RDR2 is set. Not realizing that the artifact causes the undead plague, the merchant would be fleeing the zombies which seem to pursue him until the characters of RDR2 discover it is the cause. Over the course of the expansion, other references to previous outbreaks would be found, as well as a manuscript detailing a number of relics which produce the same effect, referencing the mask too.

The apocalyptic horses from the update could make a return again, as they were a fan favorite back in the day. Of course, what with this being a new expansion and all that, some additions would have to be made. Beyond the addition of new special mounts, new enemy types and weapons would also go a long way, but then those seem like a given with the new main game too. In any case, we're hoping to see some kind of supernatural single player expansion arrive for Red Dead Redemption 2 post-launch.

Aron Gerencser
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