What Would The Return Of Red Harlow Mean For RDR2?

Redditors believe they’ve spotted Red Dead Revolver protagonist Red Harlow in the trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2, and there are signs of him being in the lineup of 7 characters in the RDR2 poster image. While we can’t confirm his existence yet (and the evidence seems a bit flimsy), we can imagine what Red’s role would be if he does make an appearance.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Linking First Two Games?

What Would The Return Of Red Harlow Mean For Rdr2?

RDR2 is Going Full Prequel

If Red appears as a main character or cameo, he will be older than the events in Red Dead Revolver, but this still makes John Marston younger than his character in Red Dead Redemption. Rockstar probably wouldn’t waste the opportunity to include both Red Dead protagonists—it connects both Red Dead games together, after all—so our guess is RDR2 will be full blown prequel if Red shows up.

Red Could Be Your Bounty Hunting Boss

Red was a cunning bounty hunter in Revolver, and there’s no doubt he’ll be maintaining the peace in RDR2. He could be a quest giver of some sort—offering unique bounty hunting opportunities and rewards to the player. Plus, you’ll likely learn a bit about what he’s been up to all these years.

Native Americans Will Play a Larger Role

If Red Harlow assumes a more significant role in RDR2, or indeed if he shows up as a main playable character, then we might explore his native ancestry a bit more. You may recall Red was the son of Nate Harlow, a gold prospector, and Falling Star, the daughter of the leader of the Red Wolf Tribe. It’s a great opportunity for Rockstar to apply their trademark satirical wit to the Wild West while enlightening gamers of the dark history America was founded on.

What Would The Return Of Red Harlow Mean For Rdr2?

Red’s Story Will End

Yes, like Marston before him (or after him?), RDR2 will likely give the axe to Red. The Wild West was equal parts brutal and mesmerizing, where almost everyone seemed to live on borrowed time (or so Westworld has led me to believe). By the time the credits roll, Red won’t be riding his horse off into the sunset. He’ll be, er… Red, Dead.

The Case Against Red

Now, Red appearing wouldn’t be a huge surprise. He was mentioned in a campfire story in Red Dead Redemption, and he later became a DLC character model in RDR’s online mode. Even his voice actor, Robert Bogue, has stayed involved with other Rockstar projects, providing the voice of Steve Haines in GTAV. But if the focus is on Red, then shouldn’t this be called Red Dead Revolver 2?

What Would The Return Of Red Harlow Mean For Rdr2?

What We Really Think

Our thoughts? You’ll be able to find Red Harlow’s signature Scorpion Revolver at some point in RDR2, maybe in a final treasure hunt. But we don’t think Red will be that significant. Rockstar likely has a much grander story to tell that features a brand new character—with or without Red’s involvement.

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