Red Dead Online "A Land Of Opportunities" Story Missions Guide

Like the single-player story mode of Red Dead Redemption 2, Red Dead Online itself features some story missions which are collectively called the "A Land Of Opportunities" missions. These missions present an all-new story detached from the main story of RDR2 and offer players the opportunity to get acquainted with the Red Dead Online gameplay mechanics without the pressure that comes with engaging in competitive activities with other players.

Red Dead Online "a Land Of Opportunities" Story Missions Guide

There are a total of ten Red Dead Online Story Missions, with an introductory mission that cannot be skipped. During this mission, players will be able to create their own character and get acquainted with the other characters that will move the story forward with them. Of the ten missions, two are only available with a high Honor rating, and two other only with a low Honor rating.

Like many other online mode activities, the "A Land Of Opportunities" story missions will influence your character's Honor rating in Red Dead Online depending on the decisions you will make during them.


At the very beginning of Red Dead Online, you will be brought to a sheriff. At this point, you will be able to create your character and customize his or her appearance in various different ways. Once this is done, a mugshot will be taken and your character will be transferred to the Sisika Penitentiary, where he or she is supposed to spend some time for an unspecified crime.

Luckily, you will shortly be freed whilst on the road by a stranger who will ask you to follow him once he has reclaimed your freedom. Controls are identical to those of Red Dead Redemption 2, so you will feel right at home on the horse.

During the ride, you will learn that the stranger is known as Mr. Horley. He will bring you to a camp led by Jessica LeClerk. The woman is actually the person that wanted and arranged for your freedom: her husband was murdered by a group of outlaws and she knows that you were wrongfully imprisoned for the crime. She is seeking revenge, obviously, and she thought that you could be her best partner for this venture.

Once you have made Jessica LeClerk's acquaintance, you will be introduced to JB Cripps, a man you will be interacting with quite a bit during your time in the Red Dead Online world. Cripps will introduce players to some important mechanics like setting up camp, Posses and more. Your first camp will be set for you for free in a random location, but you can choose to have it moved while in Free Roam. The move, however, will cost you some money.

With your camp set up and operational, it's time to get into the action. Mount your horse and head to the marked post office on the map. Here, you will be asked to deal with some bandits. You will also be given the Handheld Catalog, a very useful tool that will allow you to purchase items without physically having to go into stores.

Follow the marked path on the map to reach the bandits' camp and get ready for a fight. Once most have been killed, head to the center of the camp to meet the final remaining bandit. He will offer you a Treasure Map in exchange for his life. If you kill him, your Honor rating will drop. If you spare him you will get a boost in your Honor rating.

This particular part of the mission is unique, as it will be randomly set in several possible locations. It doesn't really matter where it is set, however, as you will have to complete the same identical tasks. The bandits aren't particularly difficult to take down as you are also stuck with some particularly weak weapons at this point in the game, so things are balanced accordingly.

Whether you kill or spare the last bandit, you will receive a Treasure Map. Head over to the indicated location and activate Eagle Eye to highlight the treasure chest. Loot the chest to find an Ability Voucher, which can be used to purchase your first Ability Card and some jewelry.

Once this is done, head over to the highlighted location on the map to meet Clay Davies and complete the introductory mission.

Honor Among Horse Thieves

The Honor Among Horse Thieves mission is unlocked right after completing the introductory mission. To begin the mission, you need to talk with Clay Davies. This is a mission for 1-4 players.

By talking with Clay Davies, you will learn of a place where a few horses can be stolen. Head over to the marked location on the map. Here, you will find the horses, but the area will be guarded, and you will have to defeat all enemies before being able to mount any of these horses.

The gunfight isn't particularly difficult, as it's balanced around players not having access to weapons any better than the starting ones. Just make sure to find some cover, activate Dead Eye and try going for headshots. Once all of the enemies have been killed, you will be prompted to mount and steal a fresh horse.

Follow the highlighted path to meet with Davies at his own stable. During the ride, however, you will be attacked by other enemies. You can either outrun or fight them. Outrunning them may be difficult, so it's better to try and kill as many of these enemies as possible.

By following the highlighted path on the map, you will end up in Saint Denis. Ride your horse inside Davies' stable to get paid for your trouble. You will also get to keep the horse you stole as a reward. Name your horse and check out the Stables' services if you can afford any of them.

Once you have named your horse, you will have to head back to your camp. Once here, talks with Cripps, who will tell you to head to Blackwater. Here, you will reunite with Horley, who will introduce you to Mr. Jones, and he will task you with seeing three sheriffs in the area. Once you are done talking, the mission will be complete.

The Right Side of the Tracks

The Right Side of the Tracks mission becomes available right after finishing the Honor Among Thieves mission. At the end of the previous mission, you will be tasked with meeting three sheriffs who can be found in three different locations. The closest location to Blackwater is Painted Sky, so The Right Side of the Tracks mission will be the closest to your position. This mission is meant to be carried out by 2-4 players.

Once at the marked location on the map, you will overhear Mr. Arnsdale complaining to the Valentine sheriff about some stolen property, but it seems like the sheriff is not willing to help in recovering what has been taken away. Not one to give up so easily, Mr. Arnsdale will offer a reward to you for capturing Bob Crawfish and his men, who are apparently the ones behind the crime.

Head to the marked location on the map, to the east of your current position, as soon as you gain control of your character again. Once here, you will have to fight Crawfish and his men. After a while, a cutscene will play and some of your enemies, Crawfish included, will try to run away. Mount up on your horse to go after the stragglers.

Things are now getting interesting, as simply killing the enemies won't do. During the chase sequence, you will need to equip the Lasso and use it to capture all of the stragglers. Make sure your Posse members do the same, as letting even a single enemy get away will fail the mission.

Bob Crawfish has yet to reveal the location of the stolen property, so it's time to make him talk. Bring him to Mr. Arnsdale, who is waiting at Briggs Station, and place the captured enemies on the train tracks to make them talk. Hearing an approaching train is a good incentive to make him do so.

After Crawfish has talked, you can either save the thieves from getting crushed by the train or let them die a very painful death. Any choice is fine to complete the mission.

If the Hat Fits

If the Hat Fits mission is available right after completing the Honor Among Thieves mission, where the player is tasked with speaking with three different sheriffs. This is a 2-4 players mission.

To begin the mission, you need to ride to Henningan's Stead, which is to the northeast of Armadillo in New Austin. Here, you will meet with the Blackwater Police Chief, who is looking for help in tracking down an outlaw.

Once you agreed to the police chief's proposal, you will have to head to the southwest of your current position by following the highlighted path. Once at the canyon, you will see a bandit camp below. You can either get closer to it or try to clear enemies from afar with the help of a weapon with good range, like a Repeater or a Rifle.

When all the visible enemies have been defeated, you will need to head down into the camp to capture the outlaw. Equip your Lasso and use it on him to hogtie your enemy. Once captured, put him on your horse and head back to the Blackwater Police Chief.

Unfortunately, your ride back will not be as simple as expected, as more enemies will arrive at the canyon to help their outlaw friend. Avoid fighting them from horseback, as most have a positional advantage, so instead find cover to fight them off. There are also crates of explosives in the canyon, so shoot them to make them explode and take out multiple enemies at once.

With all his companions dead, the outlaw will realize that there is only a single way out for him. He will propose that you put his hat on a dead body (faking his death) and let him go. He'll promise you a good reward as well. At this point, your Posse can decide to refuse or accept the offer.

If the offer is refused, you will have to put the outlaw back on your horse and bring him back to the Blackwater Police Chief. This offer doesn't reward you, but it boosts your Honor rating and that of the other Posse members.

If the offer is accepted, you will have to swap the outlaw's hat with that of a dead body nearby. Put the corpse on your horse and follow the outlaw for a short while. He will eventually give you and your Posse members a reward. Once this is done, head back to the chief to complete the mission.

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