Chapter One Missions & Gold Medals Guide

The Aftermath of Genesis

The Aftermath of Genesis is the third mission in Chapter 1 and the third Story Mission of the whole game. The mission can be started right after completing the previous one by talking to Pearson. This mission introduces players to the basics of hunting.

Once back at the camp, Pearson will tell Arthur that they are very low on food. The outlaw, along with fellow gang member Charles, will volunteer to go hunting. Charles, however, cannot shoot the bow, so it will be up to Arthur to do the actual dirty work.


Charles will introduce Arthur, and the player, to the basics of tracking an animal, unlocking the Eagle Eye ability as well. Eventually, the two will see a deer from afar, and Arthur can put his hunting skills to the test.

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, players have to kill each deer with one arrow, get a clean kill on the second deer and not spook any of them. Getting the Gold Medal on the first playthrough of the mission is extremely difficult, as you have had no time to practice hunting, so you may want to replay it later once you're more familiar with the mechanics.

To kill the two deer with a single shot, you need to move as close as possible to them. To do so without spooking them, you need to be crouching and you need to see with Eagle Eye if the wind is carrying your scent to the animal. Once they get a whiff of you, they'll make a run for it, making you fail the objectives.

Once you manage to get close enough to the deer, make sure to have a good view of their heads. Activate Dead Eye and go for a headshot. This is not only the best way to make sure they die with a single shot, but it's also the easiest way to get a Clean Kill for the second deer.

Once the deer have been killed and placed on the horses, you will head back to camp with Charles, hand them over to Pearson and complete the mission successfully.

Old Friends

Old Friends is the fourth mission of Chapter 1 and the fourth overall Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. The mission can be started right after completing the second mission, "Enter, Pursued By a Memory", by talking to Bill Williamson, another familiar face from the original Red Dead Redemption.

After discovering that the O'Driscolls are nearby, Dutch van der Linde, Arthur Morgan, and a few other members of the Van Der Linde Gang go out searching for them so that Dutch can get revenge on the O'Driscolls by stealing their plans to rob a nearby train. Arthur tries to persuade Dutch that, one way or another, the feud between the Van Der Lindes and the O'Driscolls needs to end, and Dutch assures him that it will.

After seeing smoke, the group dismounts and scouts out an O'Driscoll hide out. Dutch orders the rest of the group to go down to the camp in secret and wait for orders. From a ridge above the camp, Arthur and Dutch watch through binoculars as Colm O'Driscoll grabs an unknown man and yells at him, but being too far away, they can only guess who the man is and why Colm is mad at him. The man scurries away, and Colm and a few of his men leave the camp.

Arthur and Dutch sneak down into the camp through the trees, where the other members of their gang are waiting to ambush the remaining O'Driscolls. On Arthur's prerogative, the Van Der Linde Gang attacks the camp, starting a big firefight. You can choose to kick things off stealthily or by going in guns blazing. To get the Gold Medal, however, the latter is preferred.

Once the camp is clear, Arthur and the rest of the Van Der Linde Gang loots the corpses of the fallen O'Driscolls, only to have another swarm of O'Driscolls come from the trees.

Once the O'Driscolls at the camp are killed, the Van Der Linde Gang ransacks the buildings of the O'Driscoll hideout, and find dynamite and a plan by the O'Driscolls to rob a nearby train. The Gang takes both of these things, as Dutch plans to rob this train instead to strike a blow to the O'Driscolls. The Van Der Linde Gang mounts up and is riding back to camp when they see Kieren O'Driscoll escaping on horseback. Arthur sends the rest of the gang back to camp and goes after the man himself.

After a short chase, Arthur lassos the man, hogties him, throws him onto the back of his horse, and brings the man, who identifies himself as Kieran O'Driscoll, back to camp.

To get a Gold Medal in the Old Friends mission, players have to complete the mission within 15 minutes and 30 seconds, don't use healing items, kill 3 O'Driscolls in the same Dead Eye use, get a total of 15 headshots and later catch the escapee Kieran within 45 seconds.

Like already mentioned, there's no time for stealth, so just go in guns blazing as soon as you can. The beginning of the fight is also the best time to get three kills in the same Dead Eye use, as there are several visible enemies that can be targeted easily. Use headshots to kill them for sure.

To get the remaining headshots, always try to use Dead Eye. If the bar is empty, just replenish it with an item, as only items restoring the Health bar and the Health core are prohibited.

The firefight against the O'Driscolls is divided into two different parts, so you have plenty of occasions to kill 15 enemies with headshots.

Once the second wave of O'Driscolls has been cleared, a short chasing sequence will ensue. Completing it will see Arthur get back into the camp and obtain the required explosives. On the way back to the Van der Linde Gang camp, the outlaws will spot a suspicious man. Dutch will order him captured for interrogation.

s you need to capture and hogtie him in 45 seconds, just run as fast as you can toward Kieran as soon as possible with the Lasso armed, and launch it when the reticle turns red. Once he is captured, the outlaws will make it back to camp and the mission will be completed.

Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall?

"Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall" is the first to last mission in Chapter 1 and the fifth overall mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. The mission begins after completing "The Aftermath of Genesis" and" Enter, Pursued By A Memory" missions.

The mission is the first one that sees the Van Der Linde gang go on a train robbery, and it's extremely exciting. After all the preparations have been completed, Bill botches the whole thing and Arthur, Charlie, and Lenny will board the train on the fly. It's while on the train that most of the objectives for the Gold Medal have to be cleared.

To get the Gold Medal in this mission, you have to save Lenny when he is hanging from the train, take no damage during the shootout, kill 10 enemies with headshots and don't take any health item during the mission.

The first objective is pretty easy to clear. As soon as you see Lenny falling from the train, get close to him and follow the button prompt.

The others require a bit more skill and patience. There aren't many enemies on the train, but they shoot relentlessly, so make sure to stay undercover, use Dead Eye and kill them with headshots.

The covers available on the train won't resist for long, so don't take too much time. There's also one guard that climbs up once Arthur reaches the car with the blue container that can damage you if you're not prepared for him.

Once the train has been stopped, you need to clear out the remaining guards within 1 minute and 30 seconds. Use Dead Eye as much as possible to kill all of the guards quickly while reducing chances of them damaging you.

After the final confrontation with the guards, the mission will continue for a short while. Once the train has been started again, the mission will be complete.

Eastward Bound

The Eastward Bound mission is the final Chapter 1 mission the sixth Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. It begins straight after completing the "Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall?" mission.

In this mission, the Van Der Linde gang decide to relocate to Horshoe Overlook. To get a Gold Medal in this mission, you need to complete it within 6 minutes, so make sure to fix the wheel as quickly as possible and push the horses hard during the ride.

At one point, you will have to slow down and stop to pick up Javier, but once he has jumped on the wagon, push the horses hard again. After reaching the destination, the mission will be complete.

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