Red Dead Online Stranger Missions Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2, like its predecessor, includes a variety of side missions called Stranger Missions, where players must complete a variety of tasks, ranging from finding items and lost persons to killing select enemies, and so on.

Red Dead Online Stranger Missions Guide

Red Dead Online features many of the same gameplay mechanics seen in the story mode, so it's no surprise to see that stranger missions are also available in the online multiplayer mode. Like many of the main mechanics, however, they have been tweaked to work properly in an online environment.

In this guide, we will cover everything there is to know about the online stranger missions.

Stranger Missions Overview

Like in the story mode, stranger missions in Red Dead Online are indicated on the map with a dedicated icon. Unlike story mode, however, they are not always found in the same identical place, as the character giving the mission will be constantly moving around the map. The mission they hand out, however, is always of the same type. There is one single exception to this rule that will be covered at the end of this guide.

Red Dead Online Stranger Missions Guide

As stranger missions reward players with Gold Nuggets and money, they have been made so that they can be replayed multiple times. Once you have completed all available stranger missions, you need to wait for an in-game day to pass to play them again. When a mission is not available, the icon will be grayed out, and will turn back green when it is available again.

Stranger missions in Red Dead Online are made more interesting by the fact that all players on the server will be notified if anyone is currently trying to complete one, allowing them to either interfere or help.

Honorable and Dishonorable

Unlike the stranger missions in story mode, the Red Dead Online missions change depending on your current Honor rating.

If you're honorable, the stranger missions will involve helping other honest characters recover stolen goods, save kidnapped people, escort wagons, and so on. If you're dishonorable, however, you will be taking part in robberies and committing all sorts of illicit activitys. Depending on the played mission, your Honor rating will also change.

If you want to experience all of the stranger missions, but don't want to waste too much time changing your Honor rating, you can spend 3 Gold Bars to change it on the fly. Just speak with Mr. Jones and pay the required Gold Bars to have your current rating reverted: if you're honorable, you will become dishonorable and vice-versa.

Hunting Missions

Hunting stranger missions are the among the most interesting stranger missions available in Red Dead Online, as they often lead to you parts of the map you may not have explored otherwise.

During these missions, you will often be asked to go to a specific location, search for a couple of clues and then investigate a noise that will lead you to the animal. Always make sure to bring a good repeater or rifle with you during these missions, as you may have to deal with a powerful animal that cannot be taken down easily with a revolver.

Red Dead Online Stranger Missions Guide

Once the animal is dead, you will have to bring the whole animal (if small enough to be stowed on your horse) or its pelt to another location marked on the map.

An Old Friend

All strangers in Red Dead Online move around the map at precise intervals, but there is a single stranger mission that is always available at the same location for all players.

At any time while playing Free Roam mode, you can head over to the MacFarlane Ranch in New Austin to meet with a character all Red Dead Redemption players know well: Bonnie MacFarlane. She was nowhere to be found in the story mode, but it seems like she is well. And, like in the previous game, in need of help.

Once the cutscene is done playing, Bonnie will ask you to recover a cart that has been stolen by bandits. Head to the marked location on the map, take down all of the enemies and bring the cart back to the ranch to receive Bonnie's gratitude and a nice reward.

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