Red Dead Online Overrun Showdown Mode Guide

Red Dead Online allows players to test their skills against one another in structured PvP confrontations called Showdown Modes. Many new modes have been added to the initial roster, and Overrun was added to the game when the beta period drew to a close.

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If you want tips and tricks to succeed at other Showdown Modes and Racing Series modes, check out this guide.

In this article, we'll be focusing exclusively on Overrun, the territory capturing mode tasking two teams with winning 3 matches in order to secure victory.

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Overrun features two teams pitted against one another on a large map, with many small zones called territories marked on your minimap. Your goal is to capture these territories and retain more of them than the enemy team by the end of the 1 minute and 30 second "bout". The maps featured in Overrun are set in Sisika, Cotorra Springs, Saint Denis, The Manor and Dakota River.

The first team to win 3 bouts will be the overall winner of the round. Territories are captured by simply going to them with your character. The moment a player enters a territory, they claim it for their team. If another player later enters, they'll overwrite your claim. If players from both teams are present, those who survive the fight will be able to lay claim to the contested territory.

The timer at the top of your screen indicates how much time is left, how many bouts either team has won, and the current standing of territory ownership. To make it easier to gauge your progress in the heat of battle, a large white line bisects this bar, making it easy to see who has the upper hand.


The short 1 minute and 30 second bouts favor an aggressive approach, as do the large number and small size of the territories that need capturing. If there were just 4-6 territories per map taking up a large area, a more defensive playstyle would work, but here it's all about speed and attacking.

You should rush to gain as much territory as possible within the first 30 seconds. Pay no mind to the enemy players unless necessary, just rush to the territories and try to establish an advantage. In the second third of the game, you can try to wrest control of territories from the opposing team and pay more heed to their attempts to do the same.

Your strategy should change significantly in the last 30 seconds. If you have the upper hand, take on a defensive attitude and try to protect that advantage until the time runs out. If you are losing, dial your offense up to 11 and coordinate with your teammates to break through the enemy defense.

There is no limit to respawns per match, however the short running time means ever death is a major disadvantage.


In Overrun, you should be on the move immediately in the first minute of the match. There will always be territories not controlled by your team, so get on those. Camping really isn't applicable in this mode.

It's best to fan out and have all of your teammates going in different directions, capturing as many territories as possible. Bunching up and moving as a squad will do you no favors here.

If you have gained the upper hand  by the last 30 seconds, position you team so you can effectively protect all the pathways into your territories.

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