Red Dead Online Twitch Benefits Guide

The frontier is rough terrain, and scraping out a living in Red Dead Online can be tough. However, money always makes things easier, and if you are a Twitch Prime subscriber, Rockstar's partnership with Twitch will make things a lot easier! Linking up your accounts can lead to significant in-game bonuses.

Red Dead Online Twitch Benefits Guide

Linking Rockstar Social Club and Twitch Accounts

In order to claim your in-game bonuses, you'll need a Twitch account with a Prime subscription and, obviously, a Rockstar Social Club account with which you play Red Dead Online. You can then link the two on Twitch.

You can become a Twitch Prime subscriber if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber and create a Twitch account/use your existing Twitch account to sign-up for Twitch Prime.

Once you have linked the accounts, you'll need to claim your in-game rewards on the Twitch website before they can appear in Red Dead Online! Some will need to be claimed for your in-game rewards menu, so don't be alarmed if they aren't applied automatically.

What are the Bonuses?

Rockstar occasionally rotates what content is included in the Twitch Prime bonus. Currently, players can get a Collector's Bag and Polished Copper Moonshine Still, both items necessary to access content for their respective Roles. If the price has been keeping you away from being a Collector or Moonshiner, now is your chance!

Red Dead Online Twitch Benefits Guide

Previous bonuses

Bonuses are phased out whenever new ones are added. These are past bonuses that are no longer available for Prime subscribers.

  • RDO$300
  • The Carcano Sniper Rifle in RDO
  • The Tasman' Outfit in RDO
  • The Danube' Outfit in RDO
  • How Dare You Emote in RDO
  • Bounty Hunter License in RDO

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