Red Dead Redemption 2 All Outfits Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a sprawling cowboy epic that can take you around 60 odd hours to complete if you try to "rush" through the mandatory missions. This, of course, is not how the game is meant to be played, so you're looking at upwards of 100 hours if you do the side activities like you are supposed to. And then you can potentially double that if you take into account the insanely extensive clothing options.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 has so many outfits and accessories to unlock, buy, try on, mix and match that you'll easily find yourself playing dress up with Morgan instead of pulling capers.

Outfits can be acquired in many different ways. Some are unlocked by completing certain actions, while some can be bought in general stores. You have your complete outfits that are a full set of clothes and accessories, or you can buy individual clothing items to customize your own look. Some items need to be crafted by the Trapper, in which case you need to provide the materials as well.

Outfits have more than just a cosmetic purpose. Some carry additional attributes and bonuses which you can enjoy while wearing them. Additionally, your clothing has a direct effect on your cores. If you are not suitably dressed for the weather, your health core will drain faster. Outfits and clothing items will indicate what kind of weather they are suited to.

Beyond changing individual items, you can also customize your look by selecting whether Arthur tucks his pants into his boots or not, whether you wear your bandana, whether you roll up your sleeves, and so on.

Clothing Items

Most of the individual items you'll find can be bought in the general store anywhere in the game world, while some items are only available from the Trapper, in which case crafting materials need to be delivered as well. There are a few rare cases where a given item is only available in a specific general store, and the tailor shops in Blackwater and Saint Denis also carry exclusive stock.

Red Dead Redemption 2 All Outfits Guide

General Store Items


Item Cost
Worn Flat Cap $5.50
Western Hat $8
Worn Cavalry Hat $9
Bulldogger Hat $9.50
Trilby Hat $10.75
Panama Hat $12.50
Stalker Hat $14.50
Military Scout Hat $11
Plantation Hat $12.25
Worn Gambler’s Hat $13
Big City Hat $15.25
Cavalier Hat $17.50
Estate Boss Hat $18
Big Valley Hat $18.25
Crusher Hat $19
Paragon Town Hat $10.75
High Crown Bowler Hat $20.50
Rolled Derby Hat $21
Derby Hat $21.50


Item Cost
Union Suit $4.50
Everyday Shirt $6.75
Collar Overshirt $8
Stand-Collar Overshirt $8.50
Everyday Overshirt $8.75
French Dress Shirt $10.75


Item Cost
Traditional Vest $8.75
Classic Vest $9.25
Parisian Vest $12.25
Paisley Vest $13
Opulent Vest $14.50


Item Cost
Classic Tail Coat $10.50
Duster Coat $12.50
Worsted Coat $14.75
Rambler Jacket $16.50
Shotgun Coat $21
Classic Frock Coat $18.50
Scout Jacket $19.75


Item Cost
Cuffed Town Pants $4.75
Ranch Pants $5.25
Work Pants $6.25
Everyday Pants $6.75
Jeans $7
Saddle Jeans $7.50
Saddle Work Pants $7.75
Western Pants $8
Padded Saddle Work Pants $8.25
Town Pants $9.50
Fancy Pants $10


Item Cost
Worn Roper Boots $13.75
Workman’s Boots $14
Sleeked Riding Boots $14.75
English Preacher’s Boots $15
Classic Roper Boots $16
Riding Boots $16.25
Cavalry Boots $17
Hunting Fowler Boots $17.50
Wingtip Gaiters - Only Available In Rhodes $19
Preacher’s Pride Boots $19.50
Old West Boots $20.25
Classic Preacher’s Boots $20.75
Quickdraw Boots $22.50
Tornado Boots $24.50
Deluxe Quickdraw Boots $24.50
Plated Quickdraw Town Boots $25.75
Relentless Boots $26.25
Preacher’s Boots $27.75
Grinder Boots $28.25
Deluxe Relentless Boots $29

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