"Ghost" Easter Egg Guide

The huge world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is filled with all sorts of easter eggs.

"ghost" Easter Egg Guide

Some are nods to the previous game, some involve UFOs and some are a bit creepier.

RDR2 definitely seems to be taking a few pointers from Rockstar's other major success, Grand Theft Auto 5, in terms of easter eggs, as both the UFO easter egg and this one seem to be lifted from that title. Here is how you can find a ghost in Red Dead Redemption 2.

At some point in the game, Reverend Swanson will warn you about a ghost haunting Bluewater Marsh in Lemoyne.

After the poor Reverend is dismissed for what the others think is nonsensical superstition, it's possible to prove him right. The swamps can be frightening to navigate at night on their own even without any supernatural events, but if you go after this easter egg expect the game to take on a bit of a horror vibe.

If you traipse around the western half of the Marsh at times between 9 PM and 3 AM in-game time, you may hear strange, hysterical noises that resemble a woman's voice.

If you follow these sounds, you'll eventually see the dimly glowing ghost - the ghost of Agnes Dowd.

Arthur will make a sketch of the ghost in his diary for later reference. The key is to stay at a distance from the ghost, as going too close will cause it to disappear. If you stay for a while, a snippet from the last moments of Agnes' life will play out, and the ghost will then fade.

Only this isn't where the story ends. In total, there are 16 unique encounters with the ghost, each with their own animations that tell a different aspect of her death, and those moments leading up to it. You'll put together the whole picture of what happened by seeing all 16 chilling snippets of this tragedy.

After all 16 animations played out the ghost will disappear forever and you won't be able to encounter it again.

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