Satchel Crafting Guide - Increase Inventory Space

If you've been sticking to our tips and tricks guide for Red Dead Redemption 2 that means you've been looting absolutely everything you come across. This, in turn, means that you rarely want for any supplies or resources.

It also means that you're likely low on inventory space basically all the time. Worry not however, since you can craft satchel upgrades at the camp.

When you're at your camp, your very own outlaw-gourmet-chef Pearson can help you craft various upgrades to your character. In the gang's ledger, you can buy him a set of $225 leatherworking tools which, though expensive in the early game, is definitely worth it.

There are a total of seven satchel upgrades. One for each category of item, and then a final epic satchel called Legend of the East - pretty flashy for what's basically a bag, right?

Finding all the ingredients for these upgrades may take a sweet while. Each upgrade requires 1x Perfect Deer Hide, meaning seven of that, and additional ingredients for the individual upgrades. Note that all ingredients need to be of perfect quality. Here's how everything breaks down:

  • Valuables Satchel - 1 Perfect beaver skin, 1 perfect rabbit skin
    • Requirement: Donate $50
  • Materials Satchel - 1 Perfect boar hide, 1 perfect iguana skin
    • Requirement: Craft 3 Recipes at the scout fire
  • Provisions Satchel - 1 Perfect bison hide, 1 perfect raccoon skin
    • Requirement: Upgrade Provisions Wagon 2x
  • Kit Satchel - 1 Perfect elk skin, 1 perfect panther skin
    • Requirement: Donate 3 Valuables
  • Ingredients Satchel - 1 Perfect badger skin, 1 perfect squirrel carcass
    • Requirement: Donate 5 carcasses
  • Tonics Satchel - 1 Perfect buck hide, 1 perfect elk skin
    • Requirement: Upgrade Medicine Wagon 2x
  • Legend of the East Satchel - 1 Perfect wolf skin, 1 perfect cougar skin
    • Requirement: Craft all previous satchels

Though this should be obvious, taking any of these ingredients to some butcher's shop or a Trapper to sell will make them unavailable for use in your upgrades. If you have acquired these items, head back to camp and use them for crafting with Pearson.

The Legend of the East Satchel is pretty hard to acquire, but once you have it, you won't regret it. It's a huge upgrade to inventory capacity, bumping up space to 99 for most item categories.

Aron Gerencser
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