Red Dead Online Sharpshooter Awards Guide

Among RDR2's story mode mechanics that have been altered for Red Dead Online are Challenges. In the online component of the game, they are known as Awards, and they have been vastly expanded to include many more types. Most of the Awards are also available in different tiers, so to completely finish one Award challenge, players have to complete all of the available tiers.

Red Dead Online Sharpshooter Awards Guide

Completing Awards rewards players with a Gold Buckle, which can be equipped at any time by accessing the Wardrobe function from the camp. If you're not into bragging, you may still want to complete as many of these Awards as possible, as they give players XP for ranking up. Progress in specific Awards can be reset by spending Gold Nuggets, so that they can be completed multiple times.

Completing Awards and earning Gold Buckles is also required if you're aiming to get either the Red Dead Redemption 2 Platinum Trophy or all of the Xbox Achievements, as there is a trophy/achievement called Buckle Up which requires players to obtain 5 Buckles to unlock

In this guide, we'll take a look at the Sharpshooter Awards and provide some tips on how to complete them in the easiest way possible.

Awards Overview

As the name suggests, Sharpshooter Awards are related to killing enemies using all of the game's available weapon types. These awards will put your shooting skills to the test, as there are some which require you to perform some extremely tricky shots.

Additionally, some of the Sharpshooter Awards are among the most time-consuming to complete, as several of the last tiers require players to kill 1,000 enemies, which is a huge number. Making matters worse is the fact that you will need to unlock at least a weapon of each type to complete all of these awards, and purchase all of them to unlock the last one in the category.

Weapons in Red Dead Online are unlocked by ranking up and must be later purchased in shops with cash. Using Gold Bars allows players to purchase them even without reaching the correct online rank.

Red Dead Online Sharpshooter Awards Guide

Kill Enemies With All Weapon Types

These awards are unlocked for killing the required number of enemies with all weapon types - pistol, revolver, repeater, rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun, melee weapon, throwing weapon and bow. You need 10 kills to complete the first tier, 50 for the second, 100 for the third, 500 for the fourth and 1,000 for the final tier.

The first few tiers aren't difficult to unlock, but the fourth and fifth require quite a bit of time, as killing 1,500 enemies with a single weapon type isn't just the fastest thing to do in any video game.

Red Dead Online Sharpshooter Awards Guide

There are two ways to make completing these Awards a little less tedious. You can either replay story missions and stick to a single weapon type, or you can take part in the Showdown Series multiplayer playlist.

Doing the latter is a little less reliable, as you cannot choose which mode to play. When you get to play the Name Your Weapon mode, which features all of the weapon types in the game, however, stick to the weapon type related to the award you want to unlock. You will probably not win the match, but you will rack up plenty of kills in a short amount of time.

While focusing on completing any of these awards, you will also complete another automatically, as it involves killing 50 enemies consecutively with the same weapon. This is a single-tiered award, so it's an easy Gold Buckle to obtain

Kill Enemies With A Headshot

Like the awards related to killing certain numbers of enemies with a specific weapon type, these awards require players to kill enemies with headshots using pistols, revolvers, repeaters, rifles, sniper rifles, shotgun, and bow. You need 10 kills to unlock the first tier, 50 for the second, 100 for the third, 500 for the fourth and 1,000 for the final.

The only exception is the bow headshots award, which requires 5 kills for the first tier, 25 for the second, 50 for the third, 75 for the fourth and 100 for the final.

Clearing these awards is even more time consuming than clearing the previous ones, especially for specific weapons with very low accuracy. The best way to complete these challenges is to clear as many gang hideouts as possible, as by learning the layout of each one, you will be able to find the best position to shoot from for each weapon type.

Replaying story mission, like for the previous awards, also helps.

Red Dead Online Sharpshooter Awards Guide

Even though it does not involve headshots technically, there is another award for getting hat-shots. The first tier is unlocked at 10 shots, the second at 20, the third at 50, the fourth at 100, the fifth at 500 and the final at 1,000. Since this is somewhat trickier than headshots, you need to use rifles or repeaters, as they are among the most accurate weapons in the game. Shotguns are a no go, as you will likely end up getting a headshot, rather than a hat-shot.

Tricky Kills

Things here get a little more complicated, and they remain as time-consuming as all the other Sharpshooter Awards.

Among the trickiest award to complete in all of Red Dead Online is the one for killing players from behind. The first tier is unlocked at 10 kills, the second at 50, the third at 100, the fourth at 500, the fifth and final at 1,000.

The award makes it clear that other players, and not enemies, have to be killed, so the only way to complete this challenge is by playing the Showdown Series mode and become extremely good at the Make It Count mode, as it's the only multiplayer mode where sneaking is not only a possibility but very much required.

No matter how good you become, however, it will take a very long time to complete, as there's currently no way to choose which multiplayer mode to play.

The kill enemies from horseback and get executions awards are slightly easier to complete, especially the first, as you will be doing plenty of shooting while riding a horse. Executions are a little trickier, as you need to get very close to an enemy and press the shoot button with any firearm equipped.

For both awards, replaying story missions is the way to go. Clearing gang hideouts is also a good way to get more executions. Both awards share the same kill values for their tiers: 10 for the first, 20 for the second, 50 for the third, 100 for the fourth, 500 for the fifth and 1,000 for the final.

Red Dead Online Sharpshooter Awards Guide

In case these are not enough, there are a few more awards related to some tricky kills which can be hard to complete. There is a single-tiered award completed by killing 3 enemies with sniper rifle headshots in 10 seconds. To complete this one, you need to get the Carcano Rifle, as it has the best fire rate of all sniper rifles in Red Dead Online, and then head over to any gang hideout, as there are a lot of enemies in each of them.

There are two more awards which require players to perform some impressive sharpshooting feats. The first one requires you to kill another player with a bow from 100 meters. This is best done in the Make it Count multiplayer mode, as you are able to conceal your position and get into a better spot without getting attacked by other players.

The final tricky kill award is the one that requires players to kill 6 enemies with a revolver without reloading. As revolvers aren't particularly powerful in Red Dead Online, you basically need to perform 6 headshots. Revolvers all have pretty much the same stats, so use whichever you prefer. Clearing gang hideouts will provide the enemies you need to complete this challenge.

Dead Eye Kills

These awards are pretty self-explanatory, as you need to be in Dead Eye to perform the required kills. The most basic award is for killing enemies using Dead Eye. The first tier is unlocked at 10 kills, the second at 50, the third at 100, the fourth at 500, the fifth and final at 1,000. There really isn't a way to speed things up here: just improve your Dead Eye bar as much as possible so that you will have to use less Dead Eye items to restore it.

The second Dead Eye related Sharpshooter award is much easier to clear, and you will probably unlock a few tiers without even trying if you enjoy the Showdown Series playlist, as it requires players to kill 2 players in a single use of Dead Eye. The first tier is unlocked at 5 times, the second at 25, the third at 50, the fourth at 75, and the last at 100.

Red Dead Online Sharpshooter Awards Guide

The final Dead Eye award is definitely the trickiest and generally requires that your bar be fully upgraded. This challenge involves killing 10 enemies in a single use of Dead Eye, and it is best completed while clearing gang hideouts due to the high number of enemies that appear.

Repeaters and rifles are the best weapons to use for this award if you want to fight from long range, otherwise, any shotgun is a very good choice if you like getting up close and personal with enemies. Just don't get killed.

Gun Collector

This is, without a doubt, the hardest award to complete, as you need to collect 19 different guns.

This means, effectively, that you need to unlock and then purchase all of the guns currently available in Red Dead Online. You can follow the tips in our ranking up, money and gold earning guides to speed things up a bit, but don't expect to complete this challenge easily.

If you really want to, you can purchase Gold Bars through the game's microtransactions and use them to get weapons, but why miss out on all the fun?

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