Alligators Are Red Dead Online's First Legendary Animals

This week in Red Dead Online we get the first set of rotating Legendary Animals for newly minted Naturalists to pursue, whether you choose to merely observe or kill your quarry. There are also all new clothing items on offer with new stock at Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Don't miss out on a wide range of discounts either!

The first pair of Legendary Animals hitting Red Dead Online are the Sun and Teca alligators, located in shallow waters of the Lannahechee River during foggy mornings and by the Kamassa River during dark and stormy weather, respectively. Accept the animal sighting missions for these beasts and start tracking.

Once you have found them, it's up to you whether you study them and bring back samples, or kill and skin them. Bringing samples to Harriet will earn you Role XP and help you fill out your Animal Field Guide. Killing them, however, will net you stylish, if immoral, new coats from Gus - crafting either will get you a new colourway for the Corchado Poncho too. Gus also carries a new Alligator variant for the Improved Bow as well.

Since these Legendary Animals aren't going to make the task easy for you, bringing back samples or scales from them will earn you 50% more cash and Role XP than usual in order to sweeten the deal. Remember, the missions are repeatable all week, so it isn't a one-and-done deal. First completion will earn you special colourways for two pieces of clothing.

The in-game store has been updated with 11 all-new clothing items, as well as five new colourways for existing pieces of clothing. Many of these are alligator focused in keeping with this week's Legendary Animals. Additionally, all Horses, Pistols, Tents, Camp Flags and Camp Themes are 30% off all week, and last week's Naturalist bonuses are still available.

Even though the Naturalist put an end to a very long content drought just last week, Red Dead Redemption 2 was still selling strong in the months without DLC - clown protests aside. Rockstar Games reported that the title has shipped over 32 million units. That already makes it one of the best selling games of the generation, and it doesn't even account for digital sales.

We hope RDO fans both old and new are enjoying the Naturalist Role! Check out our Role guide to master the new content.

Aron Gerencser
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