Catch An Arsonist In Red Dead Online This Week

A new Legendary Bounty is available in Red Dead Online this week along with a slew of Xbox exclusive items, surprisingly enough. Stick around to check out the new discounts, bonuses, featured playlists and a bunch of other benefits alongside the new bounty.

Oct Bonuses

The newest Legendary Bounty available in Red Dead Online can't even buy alcohol yet. 20-year-old Cecil C. Tucker is a serial arsonist who decided setting houses on fire in the poor neighbourhood of Saint Denis is an appropriate hobby to have. A murderer too, he fell in with the Lemoyne Raiders and was last spotted at Fort Brennand (which he didn't set on fire, on account of living there). Once the Bounty is complete, take another go at a higher difficulty for better rewards.

Wanted Cecil

If you've sunk your teeth into Frontier Pursuits and taken on any of the three available Roles, you can expect some free rewards coming your way this week. About 24 hours after the first time you log in, all players with active Bounty Hunter licenses should receive 5 tracking arrows, all Traders will get 5 potent predator bait and 5 potent herbivore bait, and finally Collectors will receive three collectible coins.

Being diligent about your specific Role Challenges also pays off. If you manage to rack up a 3-day daily streak of Role Challenges, you'll unlock the exclusive Folwell Hat. In a surprising turn of events, Xbox One players are getting access to a wide array of items. These include the American Foxhound Camp Dog, the Gunslinger's Choice, Strength In Numbers and Ride Like The Wind Ability Cards, the Shoot The Sky emote, the Carrigan Hat, the Burnham Boots and the Avery Gloves.


Instead of just one Featured Playlist this week, we get four - take on the Last Stand, Shootout, Takeover and Elimination Series modes in free aim mode, and enjoy a 25% discount on all Novice Role Items. This means you can get the Reinforced Lasso, the Field Shovel and the Stew Pot on the cheap. Additionally, Pistol, Revolver, Repeater, Shotgun and Rifle Ammo is half price this week.

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