Celebrate Valentine's Day in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online is far from dead. Rockstar Games might have already stopped with the massive constant updates, but gamers can still enjoy bonus RDO$, Gold, and XPs, from playing through different activities.

Celebrate Valentine's Day In Red Dead Online
Lovers and loners will love all that's going on in Red Dead Online for the month.

For the month of February, these are the bonuses in Red Dead Online:

  • 3 x RDO$, Gold, and XP on Hardcore Telegram Missions
  • 2 x RDO$, Gold, and XP on Trade Route
  • 2 x RDO$, Gold, and XP on Free Roam Missions
  • 2 x RDO$, Gold and XP on the Ember of the East Blood money Opportunity
  • 3 x RDO$ and XP on Featured Series
  • 2 x Gold, and XP on Call to Arms

Valentine's Day Bonuses

Simply log into Red Dead Online on Valentine's Day to receive the following rewards:

  • 5 x Chocolate Bars
  • 1 x Brandy
  • 1 x Pink and Black Oakley Boots

You'll also get an Offer for a 50% discount on any Established or Distinguished Role Item whenever you emote to another player within 72 hours of doing it.

Community Outfit

Celebrate Valentine's Day In Red Dead Online
Check out this outfit inspired by u/BreadBoxin of Reddit.
  • Inkstone Hat
  • Hunter Jacket
  • Everyday Overshirt (Male)
  • Winford Shirtwaist (Female)
  • Opulent Vest
  • Rifleman Gloves
  • Cabrera Pants
  • Lumber Boots
  • Gerden Copper Spurs
  • Bandana

Weekly Bonuses

  • Jan 31 - Feb 6: Play with a Persistent Posse this week to receive the Tiltham Hat in black
  • Feb 7 - Feb 13: Play Call to Arms with a Persistent Posse this week to receive the red version of the Daventry Jacket
  • Feb 14 - 20: Complete any Blood Money Opportunity with a Persistent Posse this week to receive a pair of silver Concho Pants
  • Feb 21 - Feb 27: Play the Featured Series with a Persistent Posse this week to receive red Woodland Gloves

Monthlong Rewards

  • Complete Destroyed by Grief to receive an Offer for 50% off a Camp Tent
  • Craft an item at your Campfire to receive an Offer for 40% off the Fast Travel Post
  • Place Top 3 in any Race to receive the Subtle Wave Emote

Featured Series Calendar:

  • Jan 31 - Feb 6: Team Up Series: Hostile Territory, Name Your Weapon, Plunder, and Team Shootout
  • Feb 7 - Feb 13: Race Series: Race, Open Race, Target Race, and Open Target Race
  • Feb 14 - Feb 20: Bow and Arrow Series: Make It Count and Target Race
  • Feb 21 - Feb 27: Hardcore Public Enemy Series


  • 50% off - Pants
  • 50% off - Skirts
  • 40% off - Saddles and Improved Saddles
  • 40% off - Revolvers
  • 40% off - High Velocity Ammo
  • 30% off - Kladruber and Race Horses
  • 30% off - Camp Dogs and Camp Themes

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