Moonshiners And Traders Get XP Bonuses In Red Dead Online

This week, Rockstar favors the Traders and Moonshiners among you with special XP bonuses and players can compete in yet another featured variation of the Name Your Weapon Showdown Series mode. There are also discounts and returning limited items on offer.

Moonshiners And Traders Get Xp Bonuses In Red Dead Online

All players progressing through the ranks of the Trader Role, and those who have gotten far enough to unlock the Moonshiner Role, can earn Role XP faster than usual. All Trader Sell Missions, Resupply Missions and Trader Free Roam Events provide a bonus 50% Role XP this week. The same also applies to Moonshiner Sell Missions, Bootlegger Missions and Moonshiner Story Missions.

Moonshiners And Traders Get Xp Bonuses In Red Dead Online

Since you can only become a Moonshiner once you have reached Rank 5 as a Trader, this is a perfect opportunity to blaze through those initial stages in order to get your own Moonshining Shack as quickly as possible. To make the most of these bonuses, check out our Trader and Moonshiner Role guides.

New variants of the Name Your Weapon mode is a favored choice for Featured Series these past few weeks. This time around, extra points are earned for kills earned with explosive weaponry, and is set on the Wapiti Reservation map.

With those XP bonuses gracing Moonshiners, Rockstar has made it cheaper to jump in on the Role for those players who were on the fence until now. Moonshiner Bars, Bar Bands and other visual upgrades for your property are 30% off all week.

Moonshiners And Traders Get Xp Bonuses In Red Dead Online

Other discounts include 30% off all Coats and Stable Slots, letting you store more horses for later use, and 40% off all Role Belt Buckles, Glasses, Eyepatches, Rings and Gloves. Saddles have also been discounted by 60%.

Several clothing items are also up for grabs that are available for a limited time only. These include the Plaid Cap, the Folwell Hat, the Gardenia Hat, the Macbay Jacket, the Clymene Coat, the Cardozo Vest, the Carver Pants, the Griffith Chaps and the Pelt Half Chaps.

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