The Owlhoots Are Red Dead Online's Newest Bounty

This week in Red Dead Online, Bounty Hunters get to track down another legendary target, Collectors get to seek out new riches, Traders get to keep doing the same thing and there are other bonuses on offer as well - including a free RDO$ promotion.

The latest Legendary Bounty for Bounty Hunters to sink their teeth into are the Owlhoots. This hermit family of savage murderers operates out of Rio Bravo, where they murder and steal without prejudice. Since you are up against multiple hardened killers, like some wild west version of the cannibal family from The Hills Have Eyes, you need to be extra careful - bring your posse and take out your targets by the 7th of October. Completing this bounty will earn you a bonus of 5 tomahawks.

Instead of a new weekly list of rare items, Collectors can take on a new free roam event starting this week. Free Roam Event - Condor Egg has you seek out a rare and valuable condor egg before other Collectors do. The location of the prized egg is indicated by birds circling above. Unlike the weekly items, this event is here to stay, and is available to Collectors who have reached Rank 4.

Red Dead Online also got a new weapon today - the Hunter Hatchet is a vicious melee weapon used by the hardiest trackers in the wilderness. You can pick up yours starting today from any fence throughout the frontier. You can even put it to use in this week's featured playlist, Spoils of War (Free Aim).

Rockstar wants to thank all players for their dedication to Red Dead Online with a special gift. Anyone who logs into the game this week will automatically receive RDO$200. All you need to do is play to qualify! Additionally, if you complete any Role Free Roam Event - of which the Condor Egg is the only one so far, but we assume this means more are coming - you'll unlock a Fuentes Poncho as well.

We wonder what other Role Free Roam Events Rockstar has planned!

Aron Gerencser
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