Plunder Showdown Mode Available In Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online is steadily getting its scheduled beta updates week after week, fleshing out the game and adding more and more content. This week we got one more Showdown Mode further buffing out the game's PvP selection, as well as new clothes, and a number of rank requirement decreases on items.


The new Plunder mode takes the classic one-flag CTF rules and puts a new spin on them, as do a few other of the existing Showdown modes. Players team up to acquire supplies strewn about the center of the map, and return these safely to their bases to score points. The more supplies are in the base at the end of the match, the more points you get - obviously, the goal is to have more supplies than the enemy.


Aside from grabbing the supplies from the map, you may want to decrease the enemy's count while adding to your own by stealing supplies from the opposing team's base instead. Keep in mind that when you are carrying supplies, your blip will be visible to all players at all distances, making you a target. Fill up your cores and buff yourself up with consumables. If you're rolling with a group you are familiar with, make sure to equip ability cards that have team benefits.

This week's selection of limited issue clothing is a little more limited than usual. We don't mean it's rarer, just that there are fewer options. The Owanjila Hat, the Concho Pants and the Porter Jacket are only available in the catalog this week, so grab them before they're gone.

April Clothes

Rockstar has also temporarily reduced the rank requirements of a number of clothes and other items this week. All clothing items within the coats, holster, boots and gloves categories that are usually restricted to Rank 40 or above are now available to all players. The Turkoman, the Missouri Fox Trotter and Arabian Horse is now available for Rank 40 players, and finally Volatile Dynamite, Incendiary Buckshot, Explosive Slug, Express Explosive, and Dynamite Arrows are all available to Rank 60 players.

The limited item clothes are available through the 17th, and the rank requirement reductions are available through the 15th of April.

Aron Gerencser
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