PSA: Red Dead Redemption 2 Pre-Order Bonuses No Longer Free On PS4

In case you are a PlayStation 4 player who is planning on deleting their Red Dead Online character that owns the pre-order bonus content, don't.

Horses & Saddles

The items that were previously free for all eligible players have been altered with the passing of the timed exclusivity, and getting them on new characters will cost you gold.

This news hasn't gained widespread recognition yet considering the timed exclusivity deadline elapsed just recently. Since Xbox One players have now gained access to the Red Chestnut Arabian horse and the Grizzlies Outlaw Outfit, which were unlocked free of charge on PlayStation 4 upon the launch of Red Dead Online, PS4 players need to pay for these items if they start a new character.

Psa: Red Dead Redemption 2 Pre-order Bonuses No Longer Free On Ps4

Recently a player who unknowingly fell into this situation posted a screenshot with Rockstar Support's response to his ticket. The player wrote to the support team because they had to pay gold to gain access to these pre-order bonuses on a new character.

Unfortunately Red Dead Online only has a single character slot, meaning if you are unhappy with your character for whatever reason, you'll need to make the choice between sticking with them or paying for formerly free content, provided you still want to use it.

Psa: Red Dead Redemption 2 Pre-order Bonuses No Longer Free On Ps4

What makes this situation even more unlucky for players is that there are a multitude of posts circulating online, that predate the switch, that reassure readers of the items remaining accessible for free should they make a new character. As this was true until a few days ago, players looking into the situation may be led astray.

This particular caveat of the pre-order bonuses wasn't prominently disclosed on marketing material released by Rockstar. While it is possible that it was noted in fine print or some other obscure way, the fandom at large isn't widely aware of the situation.

To prevent many more players from falling into this trap, everyone who knows of this should do their best to spread the word.

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