Red Dead Online Beta Update Adds Spoils Of War Mode

Rockstar continues to expand Red Dead Online with weekly beta updates and today's release includes an all-new Showdown Series mode which allows players to fulfil their PVP needs without resorting to griefing in free roam.

Alongside the new mode, additional clothing items have been added to the game as well.

Spoils of War puts a slightly new spin on the traditional capture the flag rules. Two to sixteen players compete on a map with two stockpiles of supplies, with the goal being the theft of enemy supplies. You need to fight your way to the other stockpile, steal some of their stuff, and make it all the way back to your stockpile in order to add to your score. Meanwhile, you need to protect your base from the enemy players.

These PVP modes are a great way to complete any combat-related daily challenges you have, since trying to complete them in free roam would constitute griefing. Spoils of War is also a fun new way to rack up XP and gold.

This week players can benefit from a 20% XP boost which applies to all Showdown Series game modes, allowing you to level up much faster while taking part in structured PVP. There is added incentive to try out the newest mode too - all players who win a round of Spoils of War will be eligible for a free bonus of 8 explosive arrows, delivered to the post office or their camp.

A new selection of clothing has been added to the catalog as well, though the new arrivals will only be around for a limited time. The Tasman Outfit (Male Only), Danube Outfit (Female Only), Tied Pants, Hitched Skirt (Female Only), Winter Shotgun Coat, Gardenia Hat and Squat Stovepipe Top Hat are all available this week.

Players can expect the permanent stock of the in-game store to be expanded with upcoming updates as well, and the official Feedback platform has been updated with new content as well.

Aron Gerencser
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