Red Dead Online Suffering Crashes After Major Update

Red Dead Online is no longer in beta anymore, with the tag being removed by Rockstar in the most recent major update. Including a wealth of new features and content, the update also included a series of bugfixes intended to create a more stable game experience.

Red Dead Online's Biggest Update Signals End Of Beta Phase

However, the patch also came with a few bugs of its own which made it less stable, if anything.

Players have been reporting a few issues in the wake of the title update. Due to regional laws, the poker minigame isn't available to everyone - though this isn't Rockstar's fault. Something the developer can, however, fix is the sudden appearance of highly frequent crashing. Based on what we're seeing in various Red Dead Redemption related subreddits and the Rockstar Support page, many users noted a serious uptick in game crashes.

Red Dead Online Suffering Crashes After Major Update

Among the more extreme cases, players are reporting the game crashing as frequently as every few minutes, with some reporting three crashes per hour, or one crash every 30 minutes. This unusual increase can be directly traced back to the release date of the new update. While Rockstar Support already provided an official statement regarding the poker issue, they have yet to acknowledge this crashing problem.

So far, support has been universally responding to tickets by asking players to clear the cache, however, this has yet to prove a successful fix for anyone experiencing the crashes. We think that a proper fix will likely arrive in the form of a patch in the near future, as opposed to a simple solution like that.

Red Dead Online Suffering Crashes After Major Update

The title update didn't only include new features, but a lot of behind-the-scenes tweaking that is often necessary for multiplayer games throughout their lifetime. Due to how complex these games are, it's very easy to introduce bugs in each patch as you're fixing. In fact, this crashing epidemic isn't even the only bug.

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