Red Dead Online: Frontier Pursuits Trailer Released

Rockstar has revealed an all-new trailer for the upcoming (and massive) Red Dead Online DLC, which will be introducing an entirely new gameplay feature with roles. Get a better sense of the three starting roles, and learn more about a few special promotions that will accompany the DLC.

Red Dead Online: Frontier Pursuits Trailer Released

The trailer gives us our very first look at the three roles in action. We're introduced to the three characters who will start us along on our journeys - The Legendary Bounty Hunter, Madam Nazar, and Cripps - and get a quick look at the activities that will be available to us. Bounty Hunters will be tracking down their targets, Traders will be hunting animals and selling goods, while Collectors will be poking around dark places and forgotten corners.

Rockstar will also introduce the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club, a new way to earn extra free goodies. All players are automatically club members, and a series of free rewards can be earned between the 10th of September to the 18th of November. These include clothing items, accessories, gun wraps, bonus RDO$ and more, all yours to keep even after the club promo is over.

The Club will have its own progression system with its own set of ranks, reaching up until 70. As you rank up within the club, new rewards will progressively be unlocked. Once November 18 rolls around, the promotion ends, and whatever your Club rank is at that point will be locked in - unless Rockstar extends the promo, or brings it back in the future.

Red Dead Online: Frontier Pursuits Trailer Released

Another promo launching alongside the new Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club is The Outlaw Pass. A sort of "VIP membership", buying The Outlaw Pass for 35 Gold Bars will sign you up for additional rewards, including significantly more clothing items, weapon customizations, camp decorations, RDO$ and even Gold Bar rewards based on how you rank up within the club system. Reaching Rank 70 will mean that you've been given 35 Gold Bars, negating the purchase cost.

Red Dead Online: Frontier Pursuits launches September 10.

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