Red Dead Online: Moonshiners Now Available

Red Dead Online: Moonshiners is here to push you further down the path of crime, proving once again that it does, indeed, pay. This major DLC expands upon the groundwork laid by Frontier Pursuits earlier this year, bringing a fourth Role to the table alongside other content.

As the name of the DLC indicates, the focus is on the all-new Moonshiner role. As an offshoot of the Trader role, not only does it introduce new content but also sets a precedent for sub-roles sprouting from the original three. Will Bounty Hunters eventually be able to be straight-up Sheriffs? We'll see.

What we have here now, however, is a great expansion of the Trader role. Once you have either reached Rank 5 in the role progression, or completed one sell mission, Cripps will hook you up with Maggie Fike. Your Moonshining business will be conducted outside of your camp, but you still need market savvy and find a way to source ingredients, so old skills will come in handy.

Starting out, you'll need a Moonshining Shack as a base of operations and there are five of these to choose from. This is how you begin your journey in this Role. Once you have the Shack, you'll need to hire personnel like a cook and buy your equipment. Maggie will play the role of a kind granny upstairs, to make the operation look inconspicuous while you brew down below. You can eventually upgrade the Shack, not only with better equipment but with a complete dance floor and band.

The Moonshiner Role also includes its own storyline. Maggie isn't about to help you become a successful Moonshiner out of the goodness of her heart. Along the way, as you expand your business, you'll come into the crosshairs of rival bootleggers - who just so happen to have wronged Maggie in the past - and whom you then need to knock out of the competition. Violently.

As you knock off rivals, learn new recipes, expand your business, you'll accumulate a larger pool of clients. You can attract more people by diversifying your menu and upgrading your bar, as well as serving them personally - you can even invite other players for a party! The progression also unlocks abilities, items, weapons and new horse breeds.

The Outlaw Pass also makes a triumphant return. After the previous phase ran its course, giving players new opportunities to unlock special items, the in-game club is back for round 2. The new and improved Outlaw Pass gives you 100 Ranks to climb, with all sorts of new rewards including up to 40 gold bars, spread throughout your progression. This second run of the Outlaw Pass lasts until the 10th of March, 2020.

Today's DLC brings a large suite of other features and content as well. The new Benefits Page on the Pause Menu will always display the current active weekly bonuses, including the kinds of discounts that are on offer at any given time. Additionally, you'll also see rewards that are waiting to be claimed, such a Gold Bars.

Several new clothing items, such as Bandoliers and Corsets were added today, as well as the fancy Navy Revolver weapon. Various tweaks, including Ability Card rebalancing, weapon quick-swap, spawning in camp, accessibility improvements and increased horse stability are also live in Red Dead Online.

Aron Gerencser
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