Red Dead Online Player Spawns In Mexico, Somehow

Red Dead Redemption 2 launched sporting a brand new map, allowing players to explore a different portion of the great American frontier than they did with John Marston in the first game, but upon clearing the main story, the original map also opened up - or, half of it, to be precise. Despite this, players have found ways to get over to the other side of the river where they typically shouldn't - and now someone has straight up spawned there without using any deliberate glitch.

Red Dead Online Player Spawns In Mexico, Somehow

2010's Red Dead Redemption had players gallivanting across the American southwest, as well as a portion of Mexico, with the two countries cleanly separated by a river acting as a natural border. Red Dead Redemption 2 and Online only brought over the American half, using the same river as an in-game barrier. Reddit user u/hafooni recently uploaded a video showing that after completing and ending a mission, their character respawned in the open world on the Mexican side of that river.

According to hafooni, they had just completed the Owlhoot bounty mission, and the game plopped them down south of the San Luis river, quire far inland. Surrounded by desert and rocky mesas, hafooni tried calling their horse but the game presented the "your horse cannot find you error" message. Instead of taking this opportunity to run around and explore a bit, they promptly blew themselves up with dynamite.


Now, players have found and documented sneaky, glitchy ways to get past the invisible wall and traipse around a very empty, but higher resolution version of Red Dead Redemption's Mexico, complete with buildings, forts, roads and other props that are roughly in the same place as they were in the first game, but suitably upscaled.

What happened to hafooni can easily be considered as a rare and strange bug, nothing more - but several optimistic fans suspect there might be more going on here. Ever since the game launched on PC, opening the gates for easy datamining, more and more assets related to Mexico have been discovered. The first assumption here is that some props were used to populate the terrain so players looking over from the other side won't just see a barren wasteland - but then some of these props are placed in areas not actually visible unless you glitch over.

Another idea was that Mexico was initially supposed to be included in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Online, but was cut, and they just left whatever they finished in the game. This, unfortunately, seems like the most likely explanation, and hafooni just somehow triggered an unused spawn point.

If we're being wishful thinkers, however, one might consider the possibility of a map expansion coming sometime which opens up the Mexico region in Red Dead Online. Ever since Rockstar Games made the move of splitting off the multiplayer mode from Red Dead Redemption 2 and making it available separately, Online's player population has boomed. While RDO isn't quite the unstoppable juggernaut of popularity that GTA Online had become, it's still steadily growing.

Red Dead Online Player Spawns In Mexico, Somehow

Despite this steady growth, Rockstar has incurred frequent criticism for the amount of content in the game. Weekly bonus events and rather sparse content updates aren't enough to feed the beast, many fans argue, and after a while the number of activities present that motivate players to keep logging in consistently peter out.

A new, major DLC would be the perfect answer to these qualms, with new activities to delve into and new lands to explore - like Mexico. If Rockstar has any intention to have Red Dead Online last for years on end like GTA Online, they'll need to start investing more development time into pumping out content, as a slightly different new Role every couple of months isn't going to cut it.

If nothing else, a new Mexico map expansion DLC would definitely be significant enough to woo back countless players who have abandoned Red Dead Online since release, and when they come back they might realize that some of the other new content added since they left is enough to keep them on board.

Since pre-loading assets to keep eventual update sizes more manageable is common practice in the industry - and is often the reason why things leak, as data-miners can find these pre-loaded assets - it is possible, if we are being super optimistic, that this is the case and that spawn markers for the eventual map expansion are in the game, and someone just somehow triggered a bug that activated one ahead of schedule.

As for whether we'll get to explore Mexico in Red Dead Online in earnest - we'll just have to wait and see.

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