Red Dead Redemption 2 Title Update Fixes HDR Bug

No major AAA game release is ever without a few hitches along the way and Red Dead Redemption 2 was no exception. Launching to near-universal praise back in October 2018, one of the main criticisms that arose was the broken HDR feature. Now, seven months after launch, Rockstar has fixed this issue.


When the game first launched, players noted the HDR issue immediately and took to the internet in search of a solution. While such errors are more common on PC due to variable hardware, they're also easier to fix given one's greater access to the files. Often modders and enthusiasts create workarounds before the developers get around to fixing these problems.

On consoles however, it's a bit more difficult.


The HDR implementation the game shipped with was broken and messed with its colors and brightness on most displays, impacting the visual experience of playing Red Dead Redemption 2. The issue created quite a storm among fans, but even so it took until now for an official fix to be posted.

The major title update released on Tuesday, which mainly focused on bringing Red Dead Online out of beta, has also fixed this HDR bug. Players can choose between two HDR modes, Cinematic - which is basically the same mode we've had by default since launch - and Game HDR, a new setting. Peak brightness values can also be adjusted to better fit your display.


With HDR fixed, the game's visuals will be of a much higher quality on all affected displays. Those of you who encountered this issue but finished the game since (and may have moved on) should definitely fire RDR2 up again to see the new changes.

The update contained a number of other general bugfixes that seek to make the game more stable.

Aron Gerencser
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