Red Dead Redemption 2's Latest Trailer, In Pictures

Whenever a new trailer for a hotly anticipated game is released, the process of fans going over every single pixel of every single frame of the footage begins almost instantly, with many hoping to uncover some juicy additional details that the developers either hid or decided to leave in.

Rockstar Games Committed To Singleplayer Experiences

With a game as hotly anticipated as Red Dead Redemption 2, you can bet people have already put stills from today's trailer through analysis software back and forth, but we're here to give you a frame-by-frame recap.

Whether you're here to do your own pixel-hunting, just want to look at some cool images from the upcoming game, or are looking for a sweet new Red Dead Redemption 2 themed wallpaper, you've come to the right place. The new trailer was 100% in-engine footage with no pre-rendered cinematics, and was captured directly on a PS4, so this is actually what the game looks like.

Rockstar did a wonderful job capturing the vast scale and immersive atmosphere of their newest open-world title due to release in Spring 2018 (as reinforced by the trailer). The game world will feature a wide variety of environments for players to explore, ranging from dense forests, snowy highlands, swamps (with crocodiles!) and the obligatory desert.

The trailer also showed off some of the gameplay mechanics that will be coming or returning to Red Dead Redemption 2, including train heists, bank robberies, hunting - now with a bow and arrow -, brawling and lassoing. Dual wielding has already been revealed by a previous screenshot, and the trailer heavily implies stealth getting more focus.  We're interested to hear what other gameplay specifics players can spot.

For the first time the trailer also shed light on some story details, such as revealing the game's sole protagonist Arthur Morgan, an outlaw who rides with Dutch Van Der Linde's gang, thus confirming that the game is indeed a prequel to 2010's Red Dead Redemption.

Hopefully in the coming weeks we'll get even further details about the game from Rockstar, but in the meantime, these images should last us a while.

Aron Gerencser
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