Amazon's Red Dead Redemption 2 Allocation Already Sold Out For PlayStation 4

Some of you might have noticed that Red Dead Redemption 2 on Amazon is now listed as "currently unavailable" for PlayStation 4. While there are other venues where you can pre-order both digital and physical copies of the title for both platforms, seeing the largest online retailer run out of stock is pretty telling.

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Amazon's Red Dead Redemption 2 Allocation Already Sold Out For Playstation 4

This appears to be due to the game being out of stock, although it must be said there are numerous other reasons why it may be unavailable. Fans have reportedly contacted Amazon about the situation, and the official response was that they've "already sold all the copies they've been given". Obviously it's only a matter of time before they restock the game, but wow, we don't even have a release date and this thing is out of stock.

The reason the game is unavailable is because Amazon has reached its current quota/limit, meaning that we have currently reached the amount we have been given.

The Xbox One version of the game is still available for pre-order, potentially indicating that the PlayStation 4 crowd is more excited to jump in on Red Dead Redemption 2 ahead of release. It seems that the deal Sony and Rockstar have going between them is working out just fine for all involved. Under the partnership, PlayStation 4 players will be given access to post-launch content sooner than Xbox One players.

On the one hand, this rate of pre-orders might mean that some analysts have underestimated the popularity and potential success of the game, while also going to show how engrained pre-order culture has become. This is also, above all else, a sign of Rockstar's pull. This game has no release date, no collector's edition, no pre-order bonuses and no information aside from a cinematic trailer, and it's already sold out.

Think about that. A pre-rendered trailer, on its own, sold who knows how many hundreds of thousands of copies of this game already. Of course, many early-adopters say that they're already jumped on the pre-order because they know they will buy it anyway, and they can always cancel it should any of the info revealed leading up to launch turn out to be a dealbreaker for them.

As far as anyone knows Red Dead Redemption 2 is still slated for a fall 2017 release on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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