Red Dead Redemption Available Via PS Now

In case you missed the official announcement, here's a quick reminder that Red Dead Redemption and the Undead Nightmare expansion are now available on Sony's streaming service, PlayStation Now. This release is a big deal because it's essentially the first time RDR has been playable on the PC in any capacity - though many fans are disappointed by this debut.

Red Dead Redemption Is Coming To Pc. Kind Of.

PlayStation Now is Sony's streaming service which allows players to stream any game from a large library to either their PlayStation 4 or PC as long as they pay a subscription fee. Currently only PS3 games are available through the service, however you don't need to own or buy each individual game. Instead, subscribing to the service nets you access to the whole library.

PSNow has brought many Sony exclusive titles to PC players since it launched, however the service only has limited availability - being only accessible in six countries - and the games cannot be played with keyboard and mouse, only with controllers.

Red Dead Redemption Available Via Ps Now

Many fans were disappointed that it was through PSNow that Red Dead Redemption first saw the light of day on PC. This wasn't the glorious 4K remastered, FOV unlocked, 60 FPS, custom-keybind second coming that everyone was dreaming about. Instead of being a figurative thunderclap, the release was more of a little whimper.

Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare went live on PSNow on the 6th of December, this past Tuesday, meaning that eager PC players had three days to try it out. Unfortunately, the PlayStation Now service is mired in controversy, as it is seen as the main reason why the PlayStation 4 isn't backwards compatible, unlike Microsoft's Xbox One. The service has also prevented PS4 users from using other similar subscription-based services, such as EA Access.

While the game itself runs well through the streaming service, many who would have otherwise jumped at a chance to play Red Dead Redemption on PC are giving it a pass since they don't want to support Sony's PlayStation Now program.

Have you tried out Red Dead Redemption via the PSNow service?

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