Target Races Now Available In Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online received its latest content update today, bringing either one or two new game modes depending on what platform you play on. The in-game store has also been updated with new, limited stock items, so catch those before they're gone.


The new mode available to all Red Dead Online players is Target Races, combining good aim with riding skills. Adding a new twist to the standard "get to the finish line first" structure of races, Target Races add a number of targets to each track and shooting these will quickly refill your horse's stamina, giving you an edge in speed. The default weapon available is the bow and arrow, though firearm picks are littered about the track.


Players can lock onto targets, but if you're sure of your free-aim skills, you might want to turn those weapons against other competitors as well. There's no lock on, but shooting them off their horses is one way to get ahead of the competition. Boosting in slipstreams is also a viable tactic. For tips on how to succeed in other game modes, check out our guide.

If you're on PlayStation 4, then a variation on this mode is also available. Open Target Races twists the formula by trading the track for an open arena. Here, shooting the targets is mandatory instead of just being a way to boost your stamina. You need to score a hit on every target, in whatever which order you please, and then rush to the finish line as quick as possible.

Xbox One players will get a taste of Open Target Races 30 days from now.


Leveling up is going to be a lot easier this week thanks to a 20% boost on all XP earning activities in the game. Just about anything you do in Red Dead Online grants you various amounts of XP, so even if you simply play like you usually do you'll rack up some extra experience.

This week we're also seeing some of Red Dead Online's first scheduled weekly discounts. All items found in the Horse care section of the in-game store have a universal 25% discount, including things like medicine and the brush. Saddle upgrades fall under this discount as well.

Four new clothing items have been added to the limited section of the catalog too. Grab the Furred Gloves, Strickland Boots, Morning Tail Coat and Bowyer Boots (female only) before they're gone!

Aron Gerencser
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