Sean McGuire

Sean McGuire first appears as a supporting character in Red Dead Redemption 2. He was a member of Dutch's Gang and worked together with Arthur Morgan. He also appears as a Stranger character in Red Dead Online.

Sean Mcguire


At some point prior to 1906, Sean McGuire joins the Van Der Linde Gang. It is implied that Sean is not particularly intelligent, but reliable nonetheless.

Like the other members of the Van der Linde gang, Sean McGuire is wanted across three states due to the events of a botched robbery in Blackwater (also known as The Blackwater Massacre). He would continue to be wanted until his death in 1899. Sean hides out in the wilderness after being saved in Chapter Two of the game by the other gang members including Arthur Morgan.

Mission Appearances

Sean appears in only a few missions (namely the ones where you save him and in the Braithwaite and Grey feud). He is not highly thought of by other characters and his only major involvement in any mission is when Sean pretends to be an Irish Moonshine delivery driver during the mission "Short Walk In A Pretty Town". His role is cut short when, during the mission, the player (as Arthur Morgan) and Sean are ambushed by the Grey family on account of you having stolen their horses. Sean is killed by a fatal gunshot to the head.

  • "The First Shall Be the Last" (Introduced)
  • "Pouring Forth Oil IV"
  • "A Strange Kindness"
  • "The Fine Joys of Tobacco"
  • "A Short Walk in a Pretty Town" (Dies)

Outside of these missions, he can be seen in the Camp.


Once you have completed the mission "A Short Walk in a Pretty Town", Arthur Morgan can visit the grave of Sean McGuire. The burial site is located north of Clemens Point.

Sean is illiterate, a trait he does not share with most other gang members.

Alongside Sadie Adler and Josiah Trelawny, Sean is one of the only characters from the Van Der Linde Gang that appear in Red Dead Online.

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