Sony-Rockstar Partnership

Sony Corporation and Take-Two Interactive, alongside Rockstar Games, have a marketing agreement extending to Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online regarding marketing and downloadable content for the game. A timed-exclusivity deal between the companies sees content for the game released earlier on the PlayStation 4 console than on the Xbox One console.

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Leading up to the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 on the 26th of October, 2018, retailers in several countries including the USA and the UK were sent promotional merchandise. This included cardboard boxes, cut-outs, flags, stands and shelf borders. Console cabinets were also seen in some locations. Most promotional merchandise was co-branded with PlayStation 4 and Sony logos, decos and phrases including the standard "best enjoyed on PS4" marking.

Some trailers for Red Dead Redemption 2 were uploaded by both Rockstar and Sony. The Sony variants were unaltered, beyond having a short PS4 splash prefacing the footage, and a small PS4 watermark being present in a corner.

Rockstar Games confirmed that the two companies have a formal agreement regarding timed content exclusivity.


A trio of console bundles were announced by Sony, which included both a PS4 system and Red Dead Redemption 2. Fans could choose between a PS4 Pro, and 1TB PS4 and a 500GB PS4 packaged with a copy of Red Dead Redemption 2. The consoles did not have any special decoration, and all accessories were stock products. The 500GB version is only available in the UK.


Red Dead Online DLC is made available on PS4 earlier than on Xbox One. The exact amount of time between the two releases is unknown.

Four items were announced by Sony in early October 2018 for Red Dead Redemption 2 that would be available on PS4 30 days before Xbox One.

  • Alligator Skin Ranch Cutter Saddle
  • High Roller Double-Action Revolver
  • Grizzlies Outlaw Outfit
  • Red Chestnut Arabian Horse

The Grizzlies Outlaw Outfit became available to PlayStation 4 players on the 26th of October, 2018. The other three items will launch alongside Red Dead Online in November.

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