5 Characters That Might Return In RDR2

Red Dead Redemption was full of memorable characters, ranging from the normal (Bonnie MacFarlane) to the borderline dysfunctional (Uncle). Current rumors suggest Read Dead Redemption 2 will be set before the events of the original Red Dead, making it ripe for returning characters and cameos. Rockstar might even pull from Red Dead Revolver; careful examination of the RDR2 trailer has led some reddit users to think Red Harlow will be a main character.

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5 Characters That Might Return In Rdr2

Rockstar loves to tie their games together, with various winks and nods to previous characters and locations in the Grand Theft Auto series. They even teased John Marston’s existence in L.A. Noire.

So here’s who we think could return to RDR2’s Wild West.

  1. Landon Ricketts

It wouldn’t be the Wild West without famous gunslingers, and Landon Ricketts filled that role in Red Dead Redemption. Ricketts is perfect for a prequel—he was already a legend when John Marston was a kid. He appeared in numerous gunfights, most notably the Blackwater Massacre of 1899 which took 37 lives. There’s a good chance Ricketts could appear again as a mentor to RDR2’s protagonists.

5 Characters That Might Return In Rdr2

  1. Uncle

Ah, Uncle. Marston disliked the aging alcoholic that lived on his ranch, but without him there would’ve been no warning for the Marston’s to defend themselves against U.S. Army soldiers and the relentless Bureau agents. Plus he provided some welcome comic relief.

Uncle, whose real name is never known, was a reformed criminal. If he does make an appearance, our hunch is he’ll assist the main characters in more dubious operations.

  1. Nigel West Dickens

Nigel West Dickens, or the man more commonly know as “the Snake Oil Guy” would be a familiar face to many, especially if he’s back hawking snake oil or “magical” elixirs that can cure all of your ails—or in Marston’s case, enhance your Dead-Eye capabilities. We’ll likely see him as a brief cameo, getting thrown out of a tavern or locked up in a county jail somewhere.

5 Characters That Might Return In Rdr2

  1. The MacFarlane Brothers

If RDR2 features a younger John Marston as the protagonist than it’s unlikely any MacFarlanes will show up, but players may recall Bonnie MacFarlane had six brothers, five of whom died of either illness or foolishness. We may get to experience firsthand how the MacFarlane men met their unfortunate demise.

  1. The Strange Man

The mysterious Strange Man added a Lovecraftian element to Red Dead Redemption. Not only did he know specific details about Marston’s life, but he also correctly predicted Marston’s final resting place the last time you encounter him. It led many players to theorize that he was either God, Satan, or something else. When Rockstar was pressed for an answer as to whether this theory was true, they declined to say anything, adding to the Strange Man’s mystique. Will an ageless Strange Man be waiting for players in RDR2?


If indeed Red Dead Redemption 2 turns out to be a prequel there’s a good chance we’ll see some familiar characters return, and not just members of Dutch van der Linde’s gang. Which character would you like to see the most?

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