Abalone Shell Fragment Guide

In Red Dead Redemption 2's story mode, players have the ability to craft a variety of trinkets and talismans which unlock permanent perks that can make Arthur's life easier. Things such as Health, Stamina and Dead Eye improvements, increased quality for parts harvested from dead animals and so on.

Abalone Shell Fragment Guide

Among the items unlocking exclusive perks that can be crafted is the Bison Horn Talisman, which requires not only the Legendary Bison Horn but also a Silver Earring and an Abalone Shell Fragment, one of the most difficult items to obtain in all of the story mode.

In this guide, we will detail where to find the Abalone Shell Fragment required to craft the Bison Horn Talisman.

Abalone Shell Fragment Location

The Abalone Shell Fragment is among the most unique crafting items of the game, as there's only one unit of this item.

The item is located in the outskirts of Rhodes, in a boarded-up house in the northern part of the town. To reach it, you just need to head north of the town's main road.

Abalone Shell Fragment Guide

Once inside the house, search for the workbench in the room located in the southern part of the house and look to the right to find the Abalone Shell Fragment.

Crafting the Bison Horn Talisman

Getting the Abalone Shell Fragment is not enough to craft the Bison Horn Talisman, as you also need the Legendary Bison Horn and a Silver Earring. The latter is likely in your possession already, especially if you have looted the bodies of your enemies frequently.

To get the horn, however, you must hunt the Legendary White Bison, who's among the strongest Legendary Animals in the game.

Once you have gathered all of the items, you can head over to any fence, pay $38.50 and craft the talisman, which will unlock a perk that permanently slows down the Stamina Core drain rate by 10 percent.

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