Red Dead Redemption 2 Trinkets, Talismans And Perks Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2 features a realistic and believable open world where the environment reacts to players' actions and vice-versa. Arthur himself experiences a realistic level of physical growth and changes throughout the course of the game, as not only does his hair and beard grow, but his abilities increase depending on what he does.

While improving Health, Dead Eye and Stamina is quite straightforward, as doing actions related to these stats increase the experience points needed to improve them, there are other improvements that aren't so easy to obtain. We are talking about Perks, which give Arthur various permanent bonuses, and a few of them are particularly helpful in specific situations.

As already mentioned, Perks aren't unlocked by performing actions, but by obtaining two types of special items called Trinkets and Talismans. These items, which can only be crafted using one of the four Fences available within the game, not only require players to have the requisite amount of money to purchase the crafting service, but are also comprised of select rare items that are needed in order to make them.

Don't expect to find these items while wandering aimlessly through the world as they are rare and most can only be harvested after killing Legendary Animals, powerful variants of common animals that are elusive to find, and even harder to track down. Once you have all the required items, you can head over to any Fence to have the corresponding Trinket or Talisman crafted.

While most Trinkets require parts of a Legendary Animal to craft, there's one that can be obtained in a different way. The Lion Paw Trinket, which requires a Lion Paw to be crafted, can be obtained by successfully completing the "He's British, Of Course" Stranger Mission from Chapter 3 onward.

Lions aren't animals that can be found naturally in North America, of course, so someone crazy enough to bring one to the North American continent was required to get the item. This Trinket is also very useful, so complete the mission as soon as you can to get a permanent increase in the stamina experience obtained.

In this guide, we will cover all of the Red Dead Redemption 2 Trinkets and Talismans, the required items and the unlocked Perks. You can check out our Legendary Animals guide if you need additional assistance in obtaining the required items to craft with.

Note that both Trinkets Talismans are passive items that, once crafted and unlocked, do not need to be equipped in order to be active. You will automatically receive their benefits and do not need to do anything further. You can, however, chose to wear a Talisman by putting it on in your wardrobe.


Beaver Tooth Trinket

The Beaver Tooth Trinket, which can be purchased for $18.25, can be crafted with the Legendary Beaver Tooth. The Legendary Animal from which the item can be looted is located in Butcher Creek, Lemoyne. Once purchased, weapon degradation of all weapons will be slowed by 10%, making them require maintenance slightly less often.

Buck Antler Trinket

The Buck Antler Trinket requires a Legendary Buck Antler to be crafted by a Fence. This part can be harvested from the carcass of the Legendary Buck, which is located in Big Valley, West Elizabeth. Once the item is obtained, the Trinket can be purchased for $22. The unlocked Perk is very, very useful, as it allows players to receive higher quality skinned animal parts, which makes it slightly easier to get Perfect Pelts used for crafting Satchel Upgrades and more.

Cougar Fang Trinket

The Cougar Fang Trinket, purchasable for $20.5 once the required item has been obtained, can be crafted with a Legendary Cougar Fang. The item can be harvested from the carcass of the Legendary Cougar located near Gaptooth Ridge. Once crafted, the Trinket will permanently increase player's stamina experience bonus by 10%, making it easier to upgrade Stamina.

Coyote Fang Trinket

The Coyote Fang Trinket can be crafted with a Legendary Coyote Fang. To obtain the item, you will have to track down and kill the Legendary Coyote, which can be found near Scarlett Meadows. For the cost of $21.25, you will be able to permanently increase Dead Experience by 10%, making it easier to upgrade the related bar.

Elk Antler Trinket

The Elk Natler Trinket, purchasable for $22.75, needs a Legendary Elk Antler to be crafted. The Legendary Elk from which the item can be obtained is located to the east of Bacchus Station. Once the Trinket has been purchased, the value of player's looted money will be increased by 10%, making all looting significantly more efficient.

Fox Claw Trinket

The Fox Claw Trinket can be purchased for $23.5 by any Fence once the Legendary Fox Claw has been obtained. The item can be harvested from the carcass of the Legendary Fox, which is located near Mattock Pond, to the north of Rhodes. After getting the Trinket, the time Eagle Eye remains active is increased by 5 seconds, a very useful Perk if you're into Hunting.

Iguana Scale Trinket

The Iguana Scale Trinket is not normally available in the game, as it's part of the Special and Ultimate Editions extras. The Trinket reduces horseback damage by 10%

Lion’s Paw Trinket

The Lion's Paw Trinket is unique among Trinkets as the part required to craft it, the Lion's Paw, is not obtained by hunting a Legendary Animal, but by completing a Strange Mission. Clear all the parts of the "He's British, Of Course" Stranger mission to get the item, and then head over to any Fence, pay $19.75 and get a 10% permanent increase for the player's stamina experience bonus.

Moose Antler Trinket

The Moose Antler Trinket can be crafted with the Legendary Moose Antler. The Legendary Moose is located near Roanoke Ridge in the northeastern part of the map. Once the rare item has been obtained, you can craft the Trinket for $19 and unlock a 10% permanent increase in the player's health experience bonus.

Panther’s Eye Trinket

The Panther's Eye Trinket can be purchased for $25 once the Legendary Panther's Eye has been obtained. The Legendary Giaguaro Panther is located to the West of Shady Belle, and requires a rank 9 in the Master Hunter Challenges in order to hunt, so it's likely that this will be one of the last Trinkets you will be able to craft. Once obtained, the speed that Dead Eye bar drains will be decreased by 10% for three seconds, which is a lot more useful than it sounds - especially in heated confrontations against many enemies.

Pronghorn Horn Trinket

The Pronghorn Horn Trinket can be crafted by any Fence by obtaining the Legendary Pronghorn Horn. The Legendary Pronghorn can only be hunted very late in the game, as it is located in Rio Bravo, in the southern part of the map. Once the item has been obtained, the Trinket can be purchased for $24.5. It will prevent carcasses carried on horseback from spoiling.

Ram Horn Trinket

The Ram Horn Trinket, purchasable for $17.5 from any Fence, requires a Legendary Ram Horn which can be obtained by taking down the Legendary Bighorn Ram in Cattail Pond, near Valentine. Getting this Trinket will make picking herbs to be used in cooking much more efficient, as picking Creeping Thyme, Oregano, and Wild Mint yield double the usual harvest.

Wolf Heart Trinket

The Wolf Heart Trinket requires a Legendary Wolf Heart to be crafted. The Legendary Wolf is located in Cotorra Spring, in Ambarino. Once the item has been obtained, the Trinket can be purchased for $16. It will allow the player to consume double the amount of alcohol before feeling the negative effects of being drunk.

Tatanka Bison Horn Trinket

The Tatanka Bison Horn Trinket, purchasable for $16.75, can be crafted only after obtaining the Legendary Tatanka Bison Horn. The animal can be found close to Mantea Falls in New Austin. Once the Trinket has been obtained, melee damage received will be decreased by 10%.


Alligator Tooth Talisman

The Alligator Tooth Talisman can be purchased from Fences for $40. It can be crafted after obtaining the Vintage Civil War Handcuffs, which is the reward for obtaining one set of Cigarette Cards, one Gold Jointed Bracelet, and the Legendary Alligator Tooth. Once you have all the items, you can bring them to any Fence to have the talisman crafted. The Legendary Alligator Tooth is harvested from the Legendary Alligator found south of Lagras, and it only appears from Chapter 6 onward. The Talisman permanently reduces the speed that the Dead Eye core decreases by 10%.

Bear Claw Talisman

The Bear Claw Talisman can be crafted after obtaining a Silver Chain Bracelet, one Quartz Chunk, and the Legendary Bear Claw. The Legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear is the first Legendary Animal you will encounter, as he appears during a Chapter 2 Story Mission, and it can be found to the north of O'creah's Run in the Grizzlies East area. This Talisman, which can be purchased for $34.75, will permanently decrease the speed that your health core drains by 10%.

Boar Tusk Talisman

The Boar Tusk Talisman, purchasable for $31 once the needed items are gathered, requires one Gold Earring, one Cobalt Petrified Wood and the Legendary Boar Tusk. The animal can be found to the south of Bluewater Marsh. This Talisman permanently decreases speed that horse health and stamina cores drain by 10%.

Bison Horn Talisman

The Bison Horn Talisman requires an Abalone Shell Fragment, one silver earring and the Legendary Bison Horn that can be harvested from the carcass of the Legendary White Bison, found near Lake Isabella in Ambarino. Once all items have been obtained, the Talisman will be available for purchase for $38.50. The item permanently decreases the speed that the stamina core drains by 10%.

Eagle Eye Talisman

The Eagle Eye Talisman cannot be obtained in the game as it's one of the bonuses for the Special and Ultimate Editions of the game. It further increases Eagle Eye duration by five seconds.

Raven Claw Talisman

The Raven Claw Talisman doesn't require the part of a Legendary Animal to craft, as the Old Brass Compass, the only item needed to craft it, is a reward for finding the Rock Carvings locations. Once you have this compass, you can trade it at the Fence for a fee of $29. This Talisman permanently slows degradation for all weapons by 20%.

New Trinkets (Story Mode Update - December 2019)

There were five more trinkets added in the game with a December 2019 Story Mode update. Four of these can be acquired directly by going to specific locations while one requires you to complete the new Elemental Trail Treasure Hunt.

Shark Tooth Trinket

Shark Tooth Trinket permanently increases the player's horse bonding experience by 10%.

Cat Eye Trinkte

Cat Eye Trinket permanently increases the duration of Fortifying tonic effects by 20%.

Hawk Talon Trinket

Hawk Talon Trinket permanently decreases the speed at which the Stamina bar drains when drawing a bow by 30%.

Turtle Shell Trinket

Turtle Shell Trinket permanently increases the speed at which the Health bar refills by 10%.

Crow Beak Trinket

Crow Beak Trinket permanently increases the amount of player's looted ammo by 10. This Trinket can only be acquired after completing the Elemental Trails, Treasure Hunt. We have a full in-depth guide that explains how to complete the treasure hunt and get the trinket.

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