Chapter 3 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

While Chapter 1 of Red Dead Redemption 2 served as an introduction to the game's basic mechanics, Chapter 2 brought everything up a notch, introducing more gameplay mechanics that can be fully explored and put to proper use from Chapter 3 onward. Which is exactly what this guide is about.

Chapter 3 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

The events of Chapter 2 also made it quite clear that Arthur and the Van der Linde gang went way too far in the Valentine area. Targeting Leviticus Cornwall and his business over and over again prompted the man to act, leading to a massacre in Valentine and the gang being forced to leave the Horseshoe Outlook camp. The fact that the Pinkerton Detective Agency, who are investigating the botched Blackwater robbery, has managed to locate the gang also helped Dutch in making the decision to relocate to a safer camp.

The new camp is located near the town of Rhodes. The town seems safe enough, but things are much different than what they appear at first glance, as two families are waging a long battle against one another for supremacy in the area. The Van der Linde gang will eventually get involved in this long-lasting feud for its own interests, but the choice will not pay off in the end, leading to even more troubles.

Like in the previous two chapters, all Story Missions in Chapter 3 rate players' performance depending on the objectives they have cleared. Objectives are unknown when playing each Story Mission for the first time (unless you read our guides!), so it may be difficult to earn a Gold Medal during the first playthrough. Thankfully, it's possible to replay all Story Missions by selecting them in the Progress Menu. During replays, Arthur will sport a preset loadout and no tonics, essentially making each mission more difficult. If you want to get the Gold Medal for each mission without having to replay it, you can make a manual save right before the beginning and then load the save after completing the mission.

In this guide, we will cover how to complete each one of the 18 Story Mission featured in Chapter 3 and how to get the Gold Medal.

Further Questions of Female Suffrage

Further Questions of Female Suffrage is the first Story Mission in Chapter 3 and the 25th Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. The mission is available after completing the "A Strange Kindness" mission, the last Story Mission in Chapter 2. To start the mission, you need to speak with Pearson in the new camp located at Clemens Point in Lemoyne.

At the beginning of the mission, Sadie Adler and Pearson are having a rather heated discussion, with Sadie complaining about being stuck doing "womanly" chores and not being allowed to do anything else. The argument is quite close to escalating into something worse, so Arthur intervenes to cool things down between the two. Listening to Sadie's complaints, Arthur decides to take her to Rhodes to get supplies and give Sadie a chance to let off some steam, and try to make her better understand her role in the gang.

Drive the wagon to Rhodes and park it in the area marked on the map. Sadie will show her more aggressive side in town, but Arthur will be able to rein her back in before heading off to the post office to send the letter Pearson asked him to back at the camp.

Once back at the wagon, Arthur will meet up with Sadie, who's gotten some brand new clothes, better suited to the outlaw's life. The two will the ride out of town in the direction of the Clemens Point camp. During the ride, Sadie will make it clear that she won't let Pearson get off with what happened in the camp easily, but Arthur manages to talk some sense into her.

Chapter 3 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

Trouble, however, is only beginning. A lone rider will stop Arthur and Sadie, informing them that they have to pay a toll to the Lemoyne Raiders as they are passing through their territory. A stupid demand that Arthur and Sadie will meet with lead.

At this point, the confrontation with some members of the Lemoyne Raiders will begin. To get the Gold Medal, you have to fend off all of the Lemoyne Raiders in less than 1 minute, get 5 headshots, complete with at least 85% accuracy and complete the mission without taking any health item. The first two Lemoyne Raiders have to be killed while driving the wagon, which makes being accurate quite difficult. Use Dead Eye to kill them quickly, preferably with headshots.

After the first two raiders are dead, Arthur will park the wagon to deal with the others. Here, Sadie will go wild and start shooting at the incoming raiders, so you will need to be quick to get the required headshots. There's plenty of cover in the area, so you will probably have no trouble in completing the mission without taking too much damage. Just make sure to be as quick as possible: once the remaining Lemoyne Raiders start running away, you will have cleared the fend off all of the Lemoyne Raiders in less than 1 minute objective. You can still kill the fleeing raiders to improve your accuracy.

Once the Lemoyne Raiders flee, you can get back to your wagon and ride to Clemens Point. There will be some more banter between Sadie and Pearson, and the mission will be complete.

The New South

The New South is the second Chapter 3 Story Mission and the 26th Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. The mission is available after completing the last mission of Chapter 2, "A Strange Kindness". To start the mission, simply walk near Dutch at the Clemens Point camp right after the gang has arrived at the end of the previous mission.

At the beginning of the mission, Dutch will talk with Arthur about his goals for the gang's future. After the many problems the gang had to deal in the past few days, however, Dutch is looking to do something different. He then heads to find Hosea so that the three of them can go fishing. It's also a way to get the three original members of the gang together and alone for the first time in a while.

While on the way to a nice fishing spot that Hosea knows, Dutch informs his two fellow gang members that he wants to avoid repeating the mistakes the gang made in Valentine, so he asks them to not cause any trouble in Rhodes. For almost the whole duration of Chapter 3, it will not be possible to use firearms while in the town.

At some point on the road, Arthur, Dutch, and Hosea will encounter two lawmen carrying prisoners on a wagon. One of the prisoners is a man the Van der Linde gang knows well: Josiah Trelawny. Dutch will try to get the sheriff to release Trelawny, but the attempt somewhat backfires, as one of the other prisoners manages to break the lock. The prisoners take advantage of an approaching train to escape, and Arthur will be asked to capture them back in exchange for Trelawny's freedom. The outlaw will reluctantly set out with Deputy Sheriff Archibald to bring back the Anderson boys to justice.

Chapter 3 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

To get the Gold Medal in the The New South mission, you need to catch and return Anders Anderson within 5 minutes and 30 seconds. This can be a little difficult if you don't know what you have to do, so you need to be extremely quick to save as much time as possible.

Ride as quickly as you can for the train. It will eventually slow down while getting close to the nearest station, so take advantage of this to board the train. Before getting to the train, one of the Anderson boys will jump off it, sparing you the effort to get him back to the sheriff.

Once near to the side of the train, you will have to get to the flat carriage then press the Square or X button to jump on the train. As soon as you do, you will have to confront the first Anderson brother, who will try to choke Arthur. Just follow the button prompt to free yourself and toss the man off the train.

Continue proceeding from carriage to carriage until you get on the roof of the train to confront the next Anderson brother. Once he is thrown off the train, continue on to get to the final Anderson brother, Anders.

Anders has no intention of going down without a fight, and he will attack Arthur with a knife. Here, you will have to focus on defense a lot, as you have to knock out Anders Anderson without taking a hit to get the mission's Gold Medal.

To be able to make it out of this fight without taking damage, always keep the defense button pressed to avoid getting hit by your opponent. As soon as you find an opening, hit him with a combination attack. Three, four of these attacks will be enough to take him down.

Once Anders is down, you can pick him up and put him on your horse. Archibald will be riding with you, but you can just ignore him and head straight to the sheriff office in Rhodes. If you're aiming to get the Gold Medal, you will have to do so, otherwise, you'll never make it to Rhodes within the 5 minutes and 30 seconds.Chapter 3 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

Once in Rhodes, Sheriff Gray will thank Arthur for his assistance and agree on releasing Trelawny, granted that Dutch continues to guarantee the man's good behavior. Once this is done, Arthur, Dutch, and Hosea will walk through Rhodes, talking about what Dutch learned from Grey and the gang's future plans. At some point, Arthur will be asked if he still wants to go fishing. By saying no, you can end the mission right here, but if you're aiming to get the Gold Medal, you need to go with your fellow gang members, as there's one more objective to clear.

By agreeing to go fishing, Hosea will finally be able to lead Dutch and Arthur to the fishing spot he was talking about earlier. Once there, Arthur will borrow a rowboat near the water and take the others in a spot where the water is deeper. To get the Gold Medal, you just need to catch a fish. Once you have caught your first fish, you can stop fishing to focus on the dialogue, which is quite interesting, as it provides some character development for all three outlaws, or continue on. Once you are tired of fishing, just put your road away. The others will do the same and they will ask Arthur to row the boat toward the camp.

Once back at the camp, the mission will be complete.

American Distillation

American Distillation is the third Chapter 3 Story Mission and the 27th Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. The mission becomes available after completing "The New South" mission. To start this mission, you need to talk with Dutch at the Rhodes sheriff office.

At the end of The New South mission, Dutch has informed Arthur and Hosea that there's money to be made by getting involved in the feud between the Gray and the Braithwaite families, and so the gang will actually play both sides to make a profit.

At the beginning of the mission, Dutch and Arthur will be asked by Sheriff Gray to stop a moonshine operation being conducted by the Braithwaite family in the woods near Rhodes. Making the whole matter official, Gray makes Arthur, Dutch and Bill deputies. Anything is possible in Red Dead Redemption 2, even outlaws serving the law, albeit temporarily.

At the beginning of the mission, Arthur will be riding a wagon together with Archibald. Head over to the marked location on the map while listening to Archibald revealing more information on the feud between the two families. On the way, they will encounter a crashed wagon. Archibald will stop to examine the scene, confirming that the attack on the wagon was made by the Lemoyne Raiders, with whom Arthur is already acquainted. The deputy will recover some documents, and he will ask Arthur to drive the wagon while he takes a look at them.

Head over to the marked location on the map. Here, Arthur, Archibald, Dutch and Bill will approach the moonshine production facility, and you will have to take down all enemies while remaining undetected. It's not particularly difficult, to be honest, as there are plenty of hiding spots. In case you don't want to take any risk, you can also choose to send Bill to do your dirty work. If you decide to do everything yourself, you need to get close to your target to perform a silent knockdown by pressing the indicated button.

Chapter 3 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

Once all of the enemies in the area have been knocked down, you need to bring them to the wagon. Now that this is taken care of, it's time to destroy the distillery with explosives.

If you're aiming to get the Gold Medal for the American Distillation mission, you need to complete the mission without taking damage. Begin by setting up the dynamite in the marked location and make sure to get as far as possible from the area to avoid getting damaged in the explosion.

The danger doesn't end here, as Lemoyne Raiders will retaliate for the destruction of the facility. Here, you will have to get 10 headshots and complete the mission with at least 70% accuracy to obtain the Gold Medal. While there's plenty of cover, you may get damaged regardless, so always use Dead Eye when attacking enemies. Now that you have a sniper rifle, you can also try to get as far from the action as possible and kill enemies from a greater distance.

Once all of the raiders have been killed, rejoin the others near the wagon. Dutch will send Bill off with the wagon loaded with moonshine and he will challenge Arthur to a race back to the camp. You can refuse, but it's not recommended if you're aiming to get the mission's Gold Medal, as you need to win the race to clear the final objective.

The race itself isn't particularly difficult. Dutch's horse isn't all that fast, so make sure to always stay on the path to the camp and go as fast as possible. If your horse is out of Stamina, whip out a Horse Stimulant to restore it on the spot.

Once back at the camp, the mission will be complete.

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