Chapter 2 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

The first chapter of Red Dead Redemption 2 is just the tip of the huge iceberg that this game is. The first few missions introduce players to some of the basics of the game, and it's only in Chapter 2 that things open up, allowing you to go off and strike on your own, if you so desire.

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Chapter 2 is considerably longer than Chapter 1 as well, featuring 18 Story Missions. These missions introduce players to even more mechanics and let them get better acquainted with the other members of the Van der Linde gang.

Like for the Chapter 1 missions, all Chapter 2 Story Missions rate players for their performance during the mission, awarding them a Gold Medal by completing all objectives. All missions can be replayed from the Progress menu, but remember that you will be given a preset loadout of weapons and no tonics, so it may be harder to get Gold Medals by replaying missions.

To avoid having to deal with a mission without your trusty weapons, make a manual save before each story mission so that you can try going after the Gold Medal again without having to deal with additional issues.

Polite Society, Valentine Style

The Polite Society, Valentine Style mission is the first mission in Chapter 2 and the seventh overall Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. This mission is available right after completing the previous one in Chapter 1, at the start of the new Chapter 2.

In this mission, Arthur will have to accompany Uncle and some of the Van der Linde gang's ladies into Valentine, serving as their escort to prevent any potential trouble. While riding from the Horseshoe Overlook camp to Valentine, the outlaws will see a wagon going out of control. You can choose to ignore the incident, but if you're aiming for a Gold Medal, you need to help the driver get back the horse that has fled.

Getting the horse back to its owner is quite simple. Reach the point marked on the map, approach the white horse slowly while keeping it locked on, and calm it down when the option becomes available. Continue approaching while calming the horse. Once the horse has calmed down, get as close as possible and pat it to make it let Arthur lead it back to its owner.

After the wagon issue has been taken care of, continue on to Valentine. Uncle will ask Arthur to accompany him to the General Store while they wait for the ladies to be done with their business. After a short while, however, Arthur will have to spring into action again, as Tilly and Karen are in some trouble.

To clear the next objective for the Gold Medal, you will need to rescue both Tilly and Karen within 45 seconds, which can be difficult. As soon as you regain control of Arthur, run into the alley to help Tilly. Fighting the man in the alley may take too much time, so try to defuse the situation. Once Tilly has been saved, rush to the hotel, get on the second floor and into room 2B. There, take care of the man harassing Karen as quickly as possible.

Your troubles are hardly taken care of after helping the ladies though. While outside the hotel in Valentine, someone will recognize the outlaws from Blackwater and will try to report them to the law.

Arthur will run after the would-be informant on a borrowed horse. Just follow the man for a while and he will eventually fall off a cliff. After this event, the mission is complete, but there's one more thing you can do if you want to improve your Honor rating: bringing back the horse to its owner in Valentine.

Americans at Rest

The Americans at Rest mission is the second Story Mission of Chapter 2 and the eighth overall mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. It's available right at the start of the chapter and it's started by talking with Javier Escuella in the Valentine Saloon.

At the Smithfield Saloon, Arthur will find Javier and Charles drinking and talking with two women. Eventually, Bill Williamson will join his gang members, and bring trouble, as usual, starting a huge brawl where all saloon patrons eventually get involved. Fight opponents as they come to you, and then help Bill when you are prompted to.

Once Bill has been helped, Tommy will come down from the stairs to put an end to the huge fight. Arthur will get knocked down, hit by a chair from behind, and then held up by another patron. Javier is in need of help as well, and you will have to help him within 15 seconds to get the Gold Medal. Make sure to free yourself from the man holding you as quickly as possible and then rush to Javier to clear the objective.

Javier may not have to fight Tommy, but Arthur will have to, and it can be a difficult fight if you have never been in a fistfight in the game before. Tommy has to be defeated within 1 minute and 30 seconds to get the Gold Medal, and doing so requires perfect blocking and counter-attacking. Avoid getting knocked down at all costs, as breaking free will make you waste precious time.

Once Tommy has been damaged enough, he will try to crush Arthur's face. Just break free by following the button prompt, and give him what he deserves. After Tommy has been knocked out, the fight will end and the mission will be complete.

Chapter 2 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego

Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego is the third Story Mission in Chapter 2 and the ninth overall Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. It becomes available after completing the Polite Society, Valentine Style mission. To begin the mission, simply talk with Hosea at the Horseshoe Overlook camp.

During this mission, Arthur will have to accompany Hosea hunting a huge bear he spotted while scouting. But be prepared to be extremely quick, as you need to complete the whole mission within 12 minutes to get the Gold Medal.

To make sure you have enough time in the second half of the mission, act extremely quickly after reaching the stables. Here, Arthur will be introduced to some more gameplay mechanics, but time is short so skip the cutscene and buy the first horse to waste the least amount of time possible (or grab your free DLC horse quickly).

Once back on the road, Hosea will ask Arthur to hunt a rabbit. Use whatever weapon you have available, and don't worry about a perfect kill here, as you need to be quick and the rabbit is just going to be cooked for dinner.

Once camp has been set up, Hosea will introduce crafting and cooking. Be as quick as possible to waste the least amount of time. The morning will come, and Hosea will ask Arthur to craft some Potent Predator Baits. Be as quick as possible with this task and then move on.

Now, it's finally time to track the bear. Once at your destination, activate Eagle Eye and head over to the glowing object. Analyze it, and follow the tracks as quickly as possible to the second and third objects. The tracks will eventually end, and Hosea will ask Arthur to use the bait.

Use it, wait behind a rock and select a revolver as your weapon. Hosea will eventually go and check the bait, and the bear will attack him. Dead Eye will be activated automatically, and shoot the bear at least 6 times to clear the next Gold Medal objective.

The bear will not die, but Hosea will have had enough of hunting. Whether you go back to camp with him or decide to stay in the area, the mission will be complete.

Paying a Social Call

Paying a Social Call is the fourth Story Mission in Chapter 4 and the 10th Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. The mission becomes available after completing the Polite Society, Valentine Style mission. To start the mission, talk with Kieran at the Horseshoe Overlook camp.

At the beginning of the mission, Kieran, the member of the O'Driscoll Gang captured at the end Chapter 1, is being interrogated by members of the Van der Linde gang. Eventually, he will reveal the current location of Colm O'Driscoll, and Arthur, John, and Bill will head to the revealed location, Six Point Cabin.

Once at the location, you will have to deal with several O'Driscolls. To get the Gold Medal for the Paying a Social Call mission you need to kill 4 enemies silently, get 12 headshots, complete with at least 80% accuracy and use no health items. Make sure to be well stocked with Dead Eye items, you will need them to make things much easier.

Once near the cabin, Arthur and Bill will start taking down O'Driscolls. Use the bow or throwing knives to kill them silently with headshots. When Bill asks about how to proceed, make sure to take the lead to kill your third enemy silently. From here, circle the camp to the left to find another enemy to kill silently.

At this point, you can choose to continue being stealthy, or go all out. To get the Gold Medal, it's better to continue killing enemies found in the perimeter of the camp, as you still need to get 12 headshots and complete the mission with 80% accuracy.

Once all enemies on the perimeter have been killed, it's time to go in. As you cannot use any health item, always find the best possible cover, use Dead Eye and kill enemies with headshots. Dead Eye items can be used freely, so replenish your bar everytime it's empty. After the first wave, you will have to deal with a second wave of enemies. Stay behind cover to avoid excessive damage, and use Dead Eye to get the remaining headshots.

Once the second wave of enemies has been defeated. Arthur will check the cabin. He will be ambushed by a member of the O'Driscoll gang. Kieran will save Arthur, and inform him of money hidden inside. Check the chimney to find it, and pick anything else of use in the cabin, such as the Double-Barrelled Shotgun.

Once the money has been obtained, the mission will be complete.

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