Chapter 2 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

Pouring Forth Oil – IV

Pouring Forth Oil – IV is the 13th Story Mission in Chapter 2 and the 19th Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. The mission becomes available after completing the Pouring Forth Oil – II mission. To start it, just head to the same spot you left the oil wagon at, in Dewberry Creek.

Preparations for the train robbery are complete, and now everything must be set in motion. Unfortunately, Sean wants to take part in the robbery as well, a prospect the other members of the Van der Linde gang aren't particularly happy about. Still, he manages to squirm his way into the plan. At nightfall, John and Charles will arrive, and things will finally get in motion.


Once at the marked spot on the map, the outlaws will get ready to ambush the upcoming train. Once it has stopped, get to the passenger car to see John relieving them of their valuables. There are a few passengers that aren't particularly cooperative, and you will need to beat them to make them give up their valuables.

At the third car, you will have to move past John and down the aisle to reach Sean. Once inside the baggage car, Sean will be attacked by a guard. Kill the guard to help your fellow outlaw.

Following the attack on Sean, the confrontation with the guards begins. Four more will get close to you, and you can shoot them down or wait long enough for Sean to recover and have him help you. If you are aiming to get the Gold Medal, however, you need to be quick, as you need to kill these four guards before Sean fires a shot. All kills should be made while using Dead Eye, as you need to kill 10 enemies while in Dead Eye to get a Gold Medal.

Once these guards have been taken care of, it's time to continue robbing the train. To get the Gold Medal, you will have to clear the baggage car of loot, and you need to do it quickly so to avoid the reinforcements. As you also need to complete the mission without using any health item, the fewer enemies you have to fight, the lower are the chances to get damaged.

The loot of the baggage car can be found in the cabinet behind the door to the left, the shelf to the right, the green cabinet to the left of the main slots, the cabinet above the sorting bags and in the chest on the right, close to the back door.

Once all the loot has been gathered, the outlaws will prepare for another fight against more guards. They will come in two waves. Always stay behind cover and use Dead Eye as often as possible to dispose of them quickly while minimizing received damage. Also, switch cover when the second wave arrives to avoid unnecessary damage due to bad positioning. Once the second wave has been taken care of, the outlaws will make their escape.

During your escape, you may end up meeting reinforcements. As you have to get out of the red zone and escape the law within 1 minute and 30 seconds to get the Gold Medal, you may want to avoid them as much as possible. They are highlighted on the map, so it shouldn't be too difficult.

Once away from the law, the mission will be complete.

We Loved Once and True – III

We Loved Once and True – III is the 14th Story Mission in Chapter 2 and the 20th Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. The mission becomes available after reading the letter in Arthur's tent in the Horseshoe Overlook Camp.

The letter has been sent by Mary Linton, Arthur's sweetheart from the past. The two broke up years before the beginning of Red Dead Redemption 2, but it seems like the outlaw still has a soft spot for her. After the letter has been read, you can head over to Valentine to see why Mary has asked Arthur for help.

It turns out that her brother Jamie has gotten involved in some strange cult, and Mary thinks Arthur is the only one he'll listen to, as he always liked and respected the outlaw. Arthur eventually agrees to help Mary and bring her brother back.

Jamie is found in the company of his Chelonian brothers in a place to the West of Cumberland Forest. The cult members aren't particularly open to outsiders, and Arthur is no exception, as they won't let the outlaw talk with Jaime. You can make them change their minds by negotiating, or by using violence. The former is the way to go if you're aiming to get the Gold Medal for this mission, as you need to peacefully convince the Chelonians to let you take Jamie.

To do so, you need to answer correctly to each of the questions the Chelonian Master asks Arthur. Respond with "Undecided" at the first question, and "Purpose" at the second. The Master will be convinced that Arthur is not a threat, and he will let the outlaw talk to the boy.

Unfortunately, Jamie has no intention of going back to his sister, and he will make a run for it. Just run after him until he gets past the train track. A train will block Arthur, and the boy will take advantage of this chance to run away. He then makes a very important decision regarding his life.

A quick draw duel will ensue. Press the R2 or right trigger button slowly to build up your Dead Eye bar, then draw your weapon and shoot Jaime's gun out of his hand to stop him from killing himself. Jamie will realize how foolish he has been and he accepts Arthur's offer to go back to his sister.

Once Jamie jumps on Arthur's horse, you need to bring him back to Mary within 2 minutes to clear the objective for the Gold Medal. Make sure to be as fast as possible, and use Horse Stimulants if your horse is out of Stamina. Head over to the Valentine Station to watch Mary and Jamie leaving, and the mission will be complete.

Good, Honest, Snake Oil

The Good, Honest, Snake Oil mission is the 15th Story Mission in Chapter 2 and the 23rd Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. The mission becomes available after completing the "Polite Society, Valentine Style" mission earlier during the chapter. To start the mission, you need to speak with the Valentine Sheriff in his office after the Bounty Hunting icon appears on the map.

This mission introduces players to Bounty Hunting, an activity that can be quite entertaining, and even lucrative.

Once inside the Sheriff Office in Valentine, the sheriff himself will offer Arthur the opportunity to go after a wanted man and bring him back alive for a reward. The wanted man is named Benedict Allbright, and he is guilty of selling a false medicine called Miracle Oil which not only doesn't help people, but makes them sick. The man is wanted alive, so is death results in the mission failing.

Benedict Allbright can be found camping by the Dakota River to the north of Valentine. There's no need to sneak, as the wanted man will not try to flee if he sees Arthur.

At the beginning, Benedict denies that he is the man Arthur is looking for, but hearing Arthur's fake story of his sick mother requiring his Miracle Oil will make him admit that he is the man the outlaw is looking for. Arthur will then tell him that he is wanted by the law and he will panic, so much that he forgets that he his on a ridge. Stop him from falling off the cliff by following the button prompts. Saving him also clears one of the objectives for this mission's Gold Medal.

Realizing that Arthur is still going to bring him to the law, Benedict Allbright decides to jump into the river. The current is strong, however, so Arthur has to follow him on his horse to avoid losing him. Just stick to the river and you won't lose him.

Eventually, the current will weaken and you will be able to catch the wanted man. Take out the Lasso and use it on him to pull him ashore and hogtie him. There's no real difficulty in doing so, so you will likely be able to hogtie Allbright within 1 minute and 15 seconds, which is the second objective to clear to obtain the Gold Medal for the mission.

Once Benedict Allbright has been hogtied, it's time to bring him to the Valentine Sheriff to get your reward. To get the Gold Medal for the mission, you will have to bring him to Valentine within 1 minute and 30 seconds. Just make your horse go as fast as possible, and use Horse Stimulants if its Stamina runs out.

When near the Sheriff Office in Valentine, pick up Benedict Allbright and enter the building. The Sheriff will ask Arthur to take the man to the cell. Once this is done, you will be able to pick up the reward money and complete the mission. Bounty Hunting missions will also become available after completing this mission.

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