Chapter 2 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

The Sheep and the Goats

The Sheep and the Goats is the 16th Story Mission in Chapter 2 and the 22nd Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. This mission becomes available after completing the Pouring Forth Oil - IV mission in Chapter 2. To begin the mission, you need to talk with John Marston in Valentine.

Now that the big train robbery has been completed successfully, the Van der Linde gang is looking for more ways to make money. John Marston heard of a herd of sheep that are going to be sold at an auction in Valentine, and he feels like the gang can make some good money by stealing the herd and selling it themselves.


Before getting started, Arthur will head over to the Valentine Gunsmith to purchase a new weapon: the Rolling Block Rifle. This weapon will allow him to shoot at enemies from greater distances. It's also extremely powerful, so it will be quite helpful even beyond this story mission.

After the new weapon has been purchased, Arthur and John will get on their horses and ride to the ambush point located on the map, while talking about events that have happened behind the scenes, including John having abandoned the gang for some time before the beginning of the game.

Once at the ambush point, John will ask Arthur to locate the ranchers. Once you do, just shoot to scare them off and abandon the herd. Some of the animals, however, have also been spooked by the shots, and you will need to gather them again.

To get the sheep to get back to the herd, you need to get behind them and drive them onward. You can also encourage them to move faster. Once all the stragglers have been brought back to the herd, it's time to lead it to the auction in Valentine.

Driving the herd is not too difficult. Just continue moving behind it to lead the sheep in the right direction, and shout at them to make them move faster. Avoid shooting in the air, as it may get them scattered. Once in Valentine, lead them to the marked pen to clear one of the Gold Medal objectives for this mission, herd all the sheep in to the pen in Valentine.

Once the herd is in the pen, Arthur and John try to strike a deal with the auctioneer. Sadly, he knows that the herd has been stolen, and he only accepts it into the auction thanks to a bribe. Arthur is not pleased on how John handled the matter and the two will talk more about events that have happened in the past.

Dutch and Strauss will be in the smaller saloon in Valentine, and Arthur and John will go there to have a drink. The leader of the gang sends John and Strauss to oversee the auction while he and Arthur have a drink. Sadly, they will not be able to, as Leviticus Cornwall has had enough of the Van der Linde gang stealing from him. Despite being heavily outnumbered, the two outlaws are not giving up, and devise a plan to save John and Strauss and get away from Valentine safely.

Dutch will get out of the saloon first, and Arthur will have to deal with the men keeping John and Strauss hostage. While in quickdraw mode, press the R2 button or right trigger slowly to build the Dead Eye meter, and let hell loose once it's full. To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you need to get 25 headshots, complete with at least 70% accuracy, and complete the mission without taking any health item. While there are a lot of chances to clear the 25 headshots objective, you may want to start killing enemies with a shot to the head right now.

There are a lot of enemies to kill in this mission, so completing it without using health items can be a challenge. Always use Dead Eye while shooting at enemies to be as effective as possible. As there are no restrictions on Dead Eye items, use them freely to restore the bar when in need. Just make sure they don't affect the health bar or core, as you will fail the objective if they do.

After dealing with a few waves of enemies, Strauss will be shot. Arthur will get behind the cart to provide cover fire while Dutch and John drag Strauss away. Make sure to always keep an eye on the balconies of the Saloon and the Hotel as well for more enemies.

Once past the main street in Valentine, Arthur will have to carry Strauss himself, as Dutch and John get to the horses. Before moving out of cover, kill the sniper on the stables' roof and the four enemies coming from the north.

After this is done, it's time to make your escape. You can try to ignore the enemies if you already got 25 headshots, but it's best to continue killing them anyway with the help of Dead Eye to continue being accurate and reduce the chances of getting damaged.

Once Arthur and his fellow gang members get away from the law, the mission will be complete.

A Strange Kindness

A Strange Kindness is the 17th Story Mission in Chapter 2 and the 23rd Story Mission of the entire game. The mission is also the final Chapter 2 Story Mission. It becomes available after completing the previous Story Mission, The Sheep and the Goats. To begin the mission, you need to talk with Dutch at the Horseshoe Overlook camp.

Leviticus Cornwall made it pretty clear that Valentine is no place for the Van der Linde gang and Dutch thinks it's time to move the camp to avoid further issues. A new suitable location, near Dewberry Creek, has been found, but he needs someone to scout ahead and see if it is inhabited. Dutch will send Arthur and Charles on this mission.

Go to the location marked on the map with Charles. Once near the river, Charles will discover a dead body. Arthur will also discover a camp in the distance. Activate Eagle Eye, follow the tracks to reach the camp and search under the wagon to see that the camp isn't exactly inhabited.

A woman and a young girl are found hiding under the wagon, but the two don't seem to understand English. Charles manages to make them come out gently, but the two outlaws still have some trouble communicating with them. Eventually, the young girl manages to say, in a language Arthur and Charles understan,d that their father has been kidnapped.

The two outlaws decide to set out in search of the man. Activate Dead Eye to spot some tracks to follow. Follow the lead until you reach a camp. Inside the camp, you will find the man on the ground. While trying to free him, he speaks in German to Arthur, who cannot understand him. The message becomes clear soon enough, though, as the kidnappers come back and are not too happy that their captive is going to be released.

It's time to get your guns out and take out the kidnappers.

To get the Gold Medal for the mission, you will have to get 5 headshots, obtain at least 80% accuracy and complete the mission without taking any health items. Like in other missions, use Dead Eye as much as you can, restore the Dead Eye bar when needed, and always stay behind cover.

Some of the kidnappers will come at you while riding horses, so you should be able to spot them from a significant distance. Once all of the kidnappers have been killed, it's time to bring back the man to his family.

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you will have to bring the man back to his family within 1 minute and 40 seconds. To clear the objective, just go as fast as you can and restore the horse's Stamina as required. Reach the area marked on the map to receive the family's unending gratitude and complete the mission.

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