Chapter 2 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

A Quiet Time

A Quiet Time is the fifth Story Mission in Chapter 2 and the 11th Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. It becomes available after completing the Paying a Social Call mission. It can be started by talking with Dutch at the Horseshoe Overlook camp.

This mission is one of the most hilarious of the whole game. Dutch will ask Arthur to bring Lenny to the Valentine saloon to get him drunk. Once at the saloon, the two will start drinking right away, getting interrupted by a strange man who repeats what the two outlaws say. Defuse the situation peacefully, and he will just leave them alone.


The drinking will continue, Lenny will go off on his own somewhere, and Arthur will have to find him again. While searching for Lenny, make sure to interact with Tommy in the saloon four times, as trying to make amends with an old rival is among the requirements to get the Gold Medal.

Once you're done with Tommy, head upstairs to find Lenny. The drinking will continue heavily, and Arthur will lose Lenny again. Head downstairs for another cutscene.

After you regain control of Arthur, head back into the saloon, go upstairs and enter room 1A, which can be reached by going left at the first landing and then right when at the top, to clear the catching Lenny in the act objective.

Continue the mission until you meet again the man from the very beginning. After you regain control of Arthur, you need to run from the law and avoid getting arrested to get the Gold Medal.

Even though Arthur is completely drunk, it's not too difficult to escape from the lawman following him. After a while, Arthur will be outside Valentine, and the mission will be complete. If you're arrested, not only you won't get the Gold Medal, but you will also wake up in jail.

Who is Not Without Sin

The Who is Not Without Sin is the sixth Story Mission in Chapter 2 and the 12th Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. This mission becomes available after completing the "Polite Society, Valentine Style" mission. To start it, meet with Reverend Swanson in Flatneck Station.

The Who is Not Without Sin mission introduces players to the Poker mini-game. Right at the start of the mission, Reverend Swanson is playing Poker with some strangers. After Arthur arrives, he will make one of his drunken speeches and then leaving, allowing Arthur to play with the two men. Accept to play, and the game will show a Poker tutorial.

Once the tutorial hand is played, you have the chance to continue playing. And you should do so if you're planning to obtain the Gold Medal, as you need to win at least two hands to clear one of the requirements. After you are done with Poker, you need to find Reverand Swanson, who has wandered off.

Near the platform, you will find a man that will point Arthur in the right direction. Following it for a while will lead you to the Reverend, who is fighting against a big man. Defeat the man to save the Reverend from a merciless beating.

Unfortunately, this is not the end of Arthur's woes. Someone has witnessed the fight and is heading off to report the outlay to the authorities. You can take care of the witness in two different ways, either shoot him from a distance or use the Lasso to capture him and threaten him. Once the witness has been taken care of, it's time to find Reverend Swanson, who wandered off again.

Eventually, Arthur will find the Reverend in the worst possible situation: with a foot stuck between the railroad ties on a bridge. Making matters worse is that a train is coming. To save Reverend Swanson, rotate the left stick to put the feet in the right position, and then mass the X or A button to free him. This is all the Reverend can take, as he will eventually pass out.

Arthur can finally bring Reverend Swanson back to Horseshoe Outlook, but you need to be quick if you're aiming to get the Gold Medal for this mission, as you have to get back to the camp within 2 minutes and 5 seconds after rescuing the Reverend.

It shouldn't be too difficult, just go as fast as you can, stop at nothing and make sure to use a Horse Stimulant if your horse is getting low on Stamina.

Once the Reverend has been brought back to camp, the mission will be complete.

The Spines of America

The Spines of America is the seventh Story Mission of Chapter 2 and the 13th in Red Dead Redemption 2. The mission becomes available when completing the "Paying a Social Call" mission. To Start the mission, you have to speak with Hosea at Emerald Ranch.

This mission introduces players to a couple of new gameplay mechanics: house robberies and Fences. At the start of the mission, Arthur will get acquainted with Seamus, a man who has some sort of beef with a cousin of his. He informs Hosea that there is a coach and some money that can be stolen from his house. Not ones to ignore such a chance, Arthur and Hosea will head to this cousin's house to relieve him of anything of value.

Head to the area marked on the map. Arthur and Hosea will get off their horses to start scouting the area around the house. Once the scouting has been completed, Arthur can decide to infiltrate the house as soon as possible or wait for night.

The latter option is better in any case, as night makes it more difficult for Arthur to be spotted. Stealth is even more important if you're aiming to get the mission's Gold Medal, as not getting spotted is one of the requirements.

Once night comes, the plan is set in motion. Hosea will create a rather funny distraction while Arthur will infiltrate the house and steal everything of value found inside. If you're aiming to get the Gold Medal, you have to be quite thorough, as you need to loot everything from Carmody Dell to clear one of the objectives.

The lootable items are found in the four drawers, in the chest at the foot of the bed and in the medicine chest on the wall between the cabinet and the stove in the 1st floor bedroom, on the window sill, table, chest, counter, and chimney in the living room, the wardrobe, the drawers below it and the chest at the foot of the bed on the second floor bedroom. Once you got all the items, it's time to head to the barn to meet Hosea.

Once the two outlaws have been reunited, it's time to bring the stagecoach to Emerald Ranch. If you're aiming to get the Gold Medal, you need to be fast, as you have to get back to the ranch within 1 minute and 10 seconds. Just make sure to follow the highlighted road and never stop at anything.

Once back at the ranch, the mission will be completed, and Fences will become available in several locations. Fences are a good way to make some additional money, as they pay more for stolen good than regular stores, and they allow Arthur to craft Trinkets, items that permanently grant several bonuses, by selling them parts harvested from Legendary Animals.

Money Lending and Other Sins

Money Lending and Other Sins is the eight Story Mission in Chapter 2 and the 14th Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. The mission is unlocked by completing the "Americans at Rest" mission. It can be started by talking with Leopold Strauss at the Horseshoe Overlook Camp. Despite being a Story Mission, no Gold Metal can be obtained for it.

The mission is also unique due to the fact that it's made up of multiple parts that will become available as the story progresses in later chapters.

At the start of the mission, Leopold Strauss will give Arthur information on three different individuals who have borrowed money from the Van der Linde Gang but failed to pay it back in time. Arthur isn't particularly thrilled at the prospect of having to ride all over to recover the money, but anything for the gang, right?

The first of the three persons that have to give money back is Chick Matthews, a farm worker who can be found right to the south of the "A" in New Hanover on the map. No matter how you approach the farm, Chick Matthews will try to run from Arthur as soon as he catches a glimpse of him.

Get on your horse and go after him, then use the Lasso as soon as you are in range and hogtie him. Looting him reveals the location of his hidden money, which is inside the hollow of a tree trunk in a wooded area near the train track that you passed earlier. Look around the area a bit to find the trunk, it's not difficult to find at all.

Once Chick Matthews' money has been recovered, it's time to head to a location close to Emerald Ranch, where Arthur has to recover the money from Lily Mallet. She is found on a bench talking to another man who will attack Arthur as soon as he tries to confront the woman. Beat down the man, loot him to get the owed money and then go after the witness to avoid getting the law alerted and your bounty raised.

The third and final person, for the time being, that has to give back money to the Van der Linde Gang is Mr. Wróbel, a Polish immigrant who speaks very little English.

Mr. Wróbel can be found to the southwest of Valentine. Once at his house, it's clear it will be impossible to communicate properly with the Polish man. Threaten him until you can start searching the house, you can find a Silver Earring in the Cabinet and a Gold Wedding Ring on the small table between the two doors. The items will end up covering the debt owed by the man.

To complete this part of the Money Lending and Other Sins mission, you just need to get back to camp and put the money and valuables in the Tithing Box. If you have never checked it before, you can also access the Ledger to purchase improvements for the camp.

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