Chapter 2 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

Blessed are the Meek?

Blessed are the Meek? is the ninth Story Mission in Chapter 2 and the 15th Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. It becomes available after completing the A Quiet Time mission. To start the mission, head over to Strawberry.

Micah is one of the most unruly members of the Van der Linde Gang, and, as such, often finds himself in trouble. Arthur is not too fond of the man, but he always ends up rescuing him as per Dutch's request. In this mission, he will have to free him from the Strawberry jail.


At the start of the mission, Arthur will try to get some information on the jailed man from the sheriff, who doesn't seem too talkative. The few details he gives Arthur, however, are enough to identify Micah. Once you're done talking with the sheriff, get out of the office, turn right and go to the southwestern side of the building to see Micah behind bars. He will ask Arthur to help him get out, but it seems like it won't be possible to do so and get away unnoticed.

A nearby device, the steam winch, is perfect for the job. Take the hook from the winch and attach it to the window of the cell, go to the left side of the winch to activate it and pull the bars out of the window, freeing Micah. The noise, however, has been heard in the entire town, and it's time to get away from it as quickly as possible.

From here on, things get pretty hectic. Arthur and Micah have to escape Strawberry while dealing with a lot of enemies. If you're aiming to get the Gold Medal for the mission, you will have to get 15 headshots, complete the mission with at least 70% accuracy and not use any health items.

To achieve these objectives you will have to use Dead Eye as much as possible while staying behind cover and picking your shots carefully. As there are no restrictions for using Dead Eye restorative items, go ahead and use them as soon as the bar is depleted.

After killing the first wave of enemies, Micah will not try to escape town but instead go to recover his guns from his former partner, Skinny. Once he is done with his business, he will move toward the main street, intent on making the whole town pay for his imprisonment. Like for the previous enemy wave, make sure to stay behind cover to minimize damage, and use Dead Eye as much as possible to continue being accurate with your shots.

Eventually, Micah will understand that it's time to leave Strawberry behind. He and Arthur will mount their horses and get out of town. They will be followed by eight mounted lawmen that have to be killed within 55 seconds. They will appear in pairs, so you will have enough time to replenish your Dead Eye bar. As you have to be quick to get the Gold Medal, always go for headshots.

Once the final pair of mounted lawmen has been taken down, Micah will give Arthur a holster as a reward and inform him that he is not ready to return to the gang yet. Once Micah rides off, the mission is complete.

The First Shall Be Last

The First Shall Be Last is the 10th Story Mission in Chapter 2 and the 16th Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. It becomes available after completing the A Quiet Time mission. To begin the mission, you need to speak with Javier, who can be found to the north of Blackwater.

All members of the Van der Linde Gang are wanted dead or alive in Blackwater, due to the botched robbery happening right before the beginning of the game, and the law and bounty hunters are doing everything they can to lure them out. Javier and Charles inform Arthur at the beginning of the mission that Sean has been captured, and he is being used as bait for the whole gang.

After scouting the town to find a way to free Sean, Arthur, Charles, and Javier will be joined by Trelawny, who informs them that Sean isn't in Blackwater, but he is being brought to a camp near the city. The bounty hunters at the camp will be holding him until the time he is handed to the law and transferred to a federal prison.

To pinpoint the location of the camp, the outlaws will follow a boat on the river. One bounty hunter will take Sean to the camp, while two others will stay near the boat. Trelawny will distract the two men so that Arthur and Javier can take them down. If you're aiming to get the Gold Medal, you will have to kill them silently. If you have throwing knives on you, you can headshot the enemies. Otherwise, just get close to them to perform a stealth kill.

It's now time to get to the camp and free Sean. Follow Javier on the path, take down the two bounty hunters encountered and then continue moving on up the canyon. Here, stealth will no longer be an option, so it's time for a firefight. If you're aiming to get the Gold Medal for this mission, you will also have to get 10 headshots and not use any health item.

Completing the second objective can be tricky, despite there being plenty of cover, due to the snipers. As they can sometimes hit you even behind cover, try to take them down first with the help of Dead Eye. Once the bar is depleted, just use an item that restores it, as only health items are restricted.

Once you are done with this enemy group, rejoin Charles and head to the camp. Here, you will be dealing with more enemies, so always stay behind cover and use Dead Eye to get headshots. Like in the previous scenario, there's a sniper located on the water tower, so try to take him down first before proceeding into the camp to minimize damage.

Now that all enemies have been defeated, it's time to free Sean and get out of the camp. Make sure to shoot the rope to free Sean to clear the last requirement for this mission's Gold Medal. Once he is free, Javier and Charles will take him back to the Horseshoe Outlook camp, and the mission will be over.

Pouring Forth Oil – II

The Pouring Forth Oil – II mission is the 11th Story Mission in Chapter 2 and the 17th Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. The mission becomes available after completing the Paying a Social Call mission. To start the mission, you have to speak with John Marston at the Horseshoe Outlook camp.

In this mission, Arthur will participate in the preparations for a train robbery together with John Marston. Once at camp, Susan Grimshaw will tell Arthur that John is looking for him. Head over to John's location to learn more about the plan.

John's plan is impressive, but he needs a few things, including an oil wagon, which has to be stolen and then brought to a specific point near Dewberry Creek.

There are a few oil wagons that can be stolen. Most will be on the road, while another can be found at the Heartland Oil Fields. Stealing this one can be more complicated than anticipated, as there are a lot of enemies nearby. Just wait for night to come, and use the darkness to your advantage.

If you're aiming to get the mission's Gold Medal, you will have to deliver the stolen wagon within 1 minute and 45 seconds. This is easier said than done, as Arthur will have to be careful driving it, as any damage to the wagon may cause you to fail the mission. Enemy riders will also go after him, so make sure to kill them as quickly as possible to avoid getting the wagon destroyed and Arthur killed.

Once the oil wagon is dropped at the marked zone on the map, the mission is complete.

A Fisher of Men

A Fisher of Men is the 12th Story Mission in Chapter 2 and the 18th Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. The mission becomes available after completing the Paying a Social Call mission. It's started by talking with Abigail at the Horseshoe Overlook camp.

The life of an outlaw is certainly exciting for an adult, but Abigail fears that it might be too much for her son Jack. She asks Arthur if he can take care of Jack for a while and the outlaw, having a soft spot for the kid, accepts.

To get the Gold Medal for the A Fisher of Men mission, you need to complete the whole mission within 7 minutes and 20 seconds. Time spent watching cutscenes also counts, so you will have to skip them if you want to clear this objective. As you definitely want to watch them the first time you play through the mission, you may want to attempt getting the Gold Metal through a replay: the mission doesn't feature any firefight, so the preset loadout really doesn't matter.

Once Arthur agrees to look after Jack for a while, you will have to find the kid in the camp. Arthur proposes fishing, so Jack will get his fishing rod. Wait for him by your horse. Once Jack arrives, Arthur will put him on the horse and the fishing trip can begin.

As you need to complete the mission within 7 minutes and 20 seconds, you will have to reach the spot marked on the map as quickly as possible. Once at the river, you can start fishing.

Since you also need to catch a fish within 1 minute and 30 seconds, you need to be very quick. Just ignore the tutorial for fishing, get the rod out, pick the cheese bait, and start fishing right away.

It shouldn't take too long to get a bite, but you can make the process faster by aiming towards the splashes on the water, that's where the fish are currently located. Once this is done, just rotate the right stick slowly to attract the fish. One will eventually bite and press R2 or the right trigger as soon as you feel your controller vibrate. Just rotate the stick to reel the fish in: the first one you catch is small and will not fight back.

After the first fish has been caught, Jack will start making a flower necklace for his mother. You can either continue fishing, which we recommend to do, as it's good practice and you have to wait for Jack to complete the necklace anyway.

Once Jack is done, two men from the Pinkerton Detective Agency will appear. One of them is a face that those who played the original Red Dead Redemption surely recognize: Edgar Ross. The two will make a very tempting offer to Arthur, but he refuses. As watching this cutscene doesn't stop the timer, skip it if you are aiming to get the Gold Medal for the mission.

Once the Pinkertons go away, Arthur and Jack will head back to camp. Jack will give the necklace to Abigail, and the mission will be complete. Skip the cutscenes to have a better chance of meeting the Gold Medal requirement.

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