Chapter 4 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

At the end of Chapter 3, Arthur and the Van der Linde Gang dealt a devastating blow to the Gray and Braithwaite families, putting an end to their long feud. At the same time, the Braithwaites managed to kidnap Jack Marston and hand him over to Angelo Bronte, a powerful man who effectively runs the city of Saint Denis. The Pinkertons also managed to discover the gang's hideout at Clemens Point, forcing them to relocate to Shady Belle. From here, the Van der Linde Gang will get involved in the affairs of Saint Denis.


Chapter 4 features a total of 14 Story Missions. Like the missions in previous Chapters, all Story Missions in Chapter 4 evaluate the player's performance, awarding them a Gold Medal if they manage to clear all objectives. They can be either cleared the first time the mission is played or by replaying it from the Progression menu. Getting the Gold Medals is more difficult in replays, however, due to the generic loadout which doesn't include any type of tonic. For this reason, it's always better to make a Manual Save before a Story Mission, complete it once to learn about the objectives and immediately play through it again by loading the manual save.

The Joys of Civilization

The Joys of Civilization is the first Story Mission in Chapter 4 and the 44th Story Mission of Red Dead Redemption 2. The mission becomes available right after completing The Battle of Shady Belle in the previous chapter. To start the mission, speak with Dutch in Saint Denis at the location marked on the map.

Arthur and Dutch have to gather information about Angelo Bronte to rescue Jack, and so split up in search of information about this man. To get the Gold Medal in this mission, you have to complete it within 5 minutes and 30 seconds, so you have to be extremely quick and waste no time. As time spent watching cutscenes counts, make sure to skip them to save some precious seconds.

Once you gain control of Arthur again, go the yellow marked area found to the west of your starting position. Enter the bar and talk to the bartender. When prompted, order a whiskey and ask about Angelo Bronte. The bartender will warn the outlaws to not ask too many questions and will reveal no information.

Red Dead Redemption

While heading out of the bar, Arthur and Dutch will learn that the street kids actually know about Angelo Bronte. Go out of the bar and head to the right and then to the left again. Go past the women near the tree and head through an archway. You will find two kids, and they promise to reveal more about Angelo Bronte.

Follow one of the kids until you reach the church. The kids actually played Arthur like a fiddle, as it was all a ploy to rob him. Once you gain control of Arthur again, you need to recover what has been stolen from you. You need to do so before he reaches the market to clear the second requirement for the mission's Gold Medal.

Recovering your stolen stuff before the kid reaches the market is very difficult to accomplish if you haven't upgraded your Stamina a lot. The kid is going to play dirty and hop on wagons and trolleys to outpace you. When you see him get on the trolley, in particular, don't try to follow him on foot but use the horse that can be found nearby and ride him hard. If you are fast enough, you will be able to catch the kid before he tries to get into the narrower streets of the city, where the chase becomes even more complicated.

Once you manage to block the kid, he will give you back your stuff and tell you more about Angelo Bronte. If you fail to reach the kid before he reaches the market, a different cutscene will play where the kids mock Arthur. He will still retrieve his stuff and learn about Bronte, so the mission will be complete regardless.

Angelo Bronte, A Man of Honor

Angelo Bronte, A Man of Honor is the second Story Mission in Chapter 4 and the 45th Story Mission in the whole Red Dead Redemption 2 Story Mode. The mission is unlocked by completing The Joys of Civilization mission, the first mission of the chapter. To start the mission, you need to talk with Dutch in Saint Denis.

At the beginning of the mission, Arthur will meet up with Dutch and John and head over to Bronte's mansion. Dutch will tell John to let him do the talking, but there will be very little talking from the gang leader at the mansion's front. Still, he will manage to get them inside and face to face with Angelo Bronte.

The beginning of the confrontation doesn't go particularly well, but then Angelo Bronte seems to have taken a liking to the outlaws, and agrees to release Jack in exchange for a favor. As the Van der Linde gang ruined his moonshine business in Lemoyne, Bronte wants the gang to deal with some grave robbers who are operating in Saint Denis as compensation. Dutch sends John and Arthur to take care of business while he stays behind to get to get better acquainted with Angelo Bronte.

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you need to complete it within 10 minutes and 40 seconds. As such, you not only have to be as fast as possible, but you must also skip all cutscenes, as time passed watching cutscenes is kept track of.

Once you can control Arthur again, reach the graveyard by heading toward the marked area on the map. To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you need to encounter the dog and the drunk in the cemetery. To reach the dog as quickly as possible, go east from the cemetery entrance, then right at the domed building, then south again.


To reach the drunk, you have to go to the east down the main cemetery path and then proceed ahead. After a short while, you will find the drunk, clearing the requirement for the Gold Medal.

Once you find the drunk, continue going east to hear the sound of crumbling rock. Head into the nearby structure and get ready for a firefight, as you have finally discovered the grave robbers.

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you also need to perform 4 headshots. As you need to be quick as well to keep the mission completion time below 10 minutes and 40 seconds, you need to activate Dead Eye as soon as you discover the grave robbers and kill them with headshots. Once they are dead, you need to loot their stash to recover what they have stolen from graves.

Now it's time to get the stolen items back to Angelo Bronte, but things become more complicated as the law has been alerted and is now searching for you. To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you need to escape the cemetery without getting spotted. If you killed the four grave robbers as soon as they have appeared, you will have less trouble.

If not, the lawmen will be more aggressive, as they will spot the dead bodies as soon as they get in the area. Just make sure to follow John, and use silent weapons to get rid of any policemen that may get in the way.

Once out of the graveyard, Arthur and John will make their way back to Bronte's mansion. There, they will find Dutch and Jack, seemingly unharmed. Ride back to Shady Belle and skip the final cutscene to save some time. After the cutscene plays out, the mission will be complete.

No, No and Thrice No

No, No and Thrice No is the third Story Mission in Chapter 4 and the 46th Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 Story Mode. The mission is available right after completing the Angelo Bronte, A Man of Honor mission. To begin this mission, you need to talk with Mary-Beth at the Shady Belle camp.

At the beginning of the mission, Arthur and Mary Beth will have a relaxing conversation. They will be interrupted by Susan Grimshaw, who tells the outlaw that Tilly has been kidnapped by the Foremen Brothers. Susan is not going to leave the girl in the hands of these terrible individuals, and Arthur will be more than happy to help her.

Once the cutscene is over, hop onto the wagon and drive to Radley's House, which is just outside Rhodes. Once you reach the location marked on the map, Susan will kill the guard at the entrance silently, letting Arthur proceed into the house. Kick down the door and get ready to shoot.


To obtain the Gold Medal for this mission, you need to complete it with at least 90% accuracy. For this reason, always use Dead Eye, as it takes just a few misplaced shots to miss the objective. There are not many enemies in this mission, so using any tonic that fortifies the Dead Eye bar will be more than enough to be able to use the ability throughout the mission.

Once inside the house, activate Dead Eye and shoot down the man in the kitchen. Afterward, follow Tilly's voice and enter the second room to the right. Activate Dead Eye as soon as you enter the room to kill the man standing over the girl. Once you have killed the man, you can free Tilly, who warns Arthur that there are way more enemies that the ones that have been killed.

Leaving the house, Arthur will notice people trying to escape. Mount your horse and go after them. Susan Grimshaw will accompany you, but you must not rely too much on her, as you need to kill both of the Foreman boys yourself during the chase. This is actually pretty easy to do, as Susan Grimshaw will not shoot at them unless you are very close. Activate Dead Eye and take the two men down with a rifle or repeater.

Now that the two men are dead, it's time to capture Anthony Foreman. You have to take him alive, so equip your Lasso and use it to capture him. Hogtie him and then bring him back to the house, where he will be confronted by the two women. After the confrontation, you can decide whether to kill him or let him go: the choice you make will influence your Honor rating. Once you have made your choice, the mission will be complete.

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