Chapter 4 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

Horsemen, Apocalypse

Horsemen, Apocalypse is the eighth story mission in Chapter 4 and the 51st story mission in the Red Dead Redemption 2 story mode. It's unlocked after completing The Gilded Cage and the No, No and Thrice No mission. To begin the mission, you need to speak with Sadie Adler at the Shady Belle camp.

Chapter 4 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

Before starting the mission, make sure to have the best possible sidearm with you, possibly the Schofield Revolver if you're trying to get the Gold Medal for this mission, as one of them requires players to complete the mission not only with sidearms but also while keeping extremely high accuracy. Getting all Gold Medals during the first playthrough is hard, but trying doing so in replays is much more difficult due to the generic loadout. As such, make sure to save the game manually before starting the mission so that you can try again in case something goes wrong.

Right at the beginning of the mission, Arthur and Sadie will be having a conversation about current happenings, but it won't be long before Dutch interrupts them, as he needs Arthur for something important. He will bring him to the balcony to talk, but their own conversation will be cut short quickly, as the camp will be under attack by none other than the O'Driscolls.

Getting the Gold Medal for this mission becomes extremely hard right from the get-go. You need to complete the mission using only firearms and with at least 70% accuracy. Making matters more difficult is the 15 headshots requirement. Lastly, you will also have to complete the mission without taking any health item.

At the beginning of the big fight with the O'Driscolls, you will be on the balcony. Getting headshots with sidearms is difficult without Dead Eye, so make sure to use it as much as possible at all times. If the bar is depleted, don't hesitate to restore it with items, just make sure these items don't restore health as well.

Chapter 4 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

After the fight has gone on for some time, Dutch will tell Arthur to head downstairs to help the other members of the gang. Once out of the mansion, you will continue fighting the O'Driscolls together with John and a few other members of the gang. As you need to take no healing item, you must be behind cover at all times: there are a lot of enemies to kill in this mission and they are extremely accurate.

More reinforcement will eventually come, and you will be forced to get back inside the mansion. Don't waste time trying to fight the O'Driscolls at this point, as you will likely receive heavy damage while trying to do so.

Once inside the mansion, you will be asked to block the entrance with a cabinet. After this is done, Dutch will direct you to a window, from where you will continue fighting O' Driscolls. To avoid damage and keep accuracy high, use Dead Eye as much as possible.

While the battle rages on, Arthur and the other members of the gang will hear Sadie Adler screaming as she is fighting the O'Driscolls. Get to her position while trying to avoid damage and then follow her to deal with more enemies coming from the water.

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you will have to shoot the O'Driscoll's in the boat before they disembark. This is easy to do with Dead Eye, as the slow down effect will give you more time to kill them before they get a chance to doing anything.

After you are done dealing with the enemies on the boat, continue following Sadie and deal with any enemy you encounter. If you want to avoid getting damaged, you can keep your distance from Sadie so to make her attract the enemy attention. Once back at the front of the manor, you have to deal with a few remaining enemies. When you are done, the mission will be complete.

Urban Pleasures

Urban Pleasures is the ninth story mission in Chapter 4 and the 52nd mission in the whole story mode. The mission is unlocked right after completing the previous one, Horsemen, Apocalypse. To begin the mission, you need to talk with Dutch at the marked location in Saint Denis.

Before all hell broke loose in the previous mission, Dutch made it clear that the time has come for his master plan of leaving America to be put in action. The first step involves getting a lot of money, and the gang will do so by robbing the Victory Street Trolley Station in Saint Denis.

The mission will begin right inside the station after the gang has made its entry. To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you will have to rob all customers found inside the station. As there are only three of them, it's very easy to do so.

Once you are done with the customers, it's time to focus your attention on the safe. Arthur will have to force the cashier to open it, but things are far from being what Dutch expected, as there's little to no money inside the safe. Making things worse is the fact that the law has arrived much too quickly: it's clear that the gang has been set up by Angelo Bronte.

Time to make your escape from the station, and possibly the whole city. To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you need to kill 10 lawmen while on the trolley, prevent any lawmen jumping on the back of the wagon and complete the mission without taking any health item. These requirements are a bit tricky to get, especially the first, considering you don't stay for a long time on the trolley.

Chapter 4 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

During your short time on the trolley, you will be assaulted by multiple enemies. The first one will be right in front of you, while the others will be coming from the streets. Some others will be on the balconies, so make sure to always stay behind cover to avoid taking excessive damage. As you need to kill as many as possible too, don't hesitate to use Dead Eye.

After around one minute on the trolley, it will start accelerating too much and eventually crash. After regaining control of Arthur, you will have to make your escape on foot following Lenny and Dutch. Always keep an eye on your radar to see where your enemies are and always stay behind cover to avoid getting damaged. There are a lot of enemies during this sequence, and many of them on the balconies, so staying behind cover is even more important than usual. As there are no accuracy requirements for getting the Gold Medal, however, you can just shoot your way through with one less worry on your mind.

After a short while, Lenny will manage to get on a wagon. He will drive while you will have to deal with enemies. As some of them will try to get on the wagon, and you must prevent this from happening to meet the Gold Medal requirement, you need to prioritize killing those on horseback.

Once at the edge of the city, you will notice that the way out has been blocked. Dutch will ask Lenny to clear it with dynamite. Make sure to shoot the dynamite right after it's thrown to clear the final Gold Medal requirement for the mission.

With the way clear, Arthur and his fellow gang members will be able to catch their breath and split the little money they managed to get from the robbery, and the mission will be complete.

American Fathers – II

American Fathers – II is the tenth story mission in Chapter 4 and the 53rd story mission in all of Red Dead Redemption 2 story mode. The mission is unlocked after completing The Gilded Cage earlier in the chapter. To begin the mission, you need to speak with Evelyn Miller at the marked location in Saint Denis.

Unlike other story missions in the story mode, the American Fathers – II mission will be marked on the map as a stranger mission, even if you have spoken with Evelyn Miller at the party at the mayor's house in one of the missions earlier in the chapter.

Once at the marked area, Miller will introduce you to Rain Falls and Eagle Flies, the chief of a native tribe and his son. The two need help proving that their tribe has to relocate due to the finding of oil reserves under their lands. Never one to leave others in need, Arthur agrees to help the two in exchange of a sizeable reward.

Once you are done talking with the two, you must meed Eagle Flies at the marked location on the map, which is Citadel Rock, slightly to the west of the Heartland Oil Field. Speak with Eagle Flies to learn that you must infiltrate the office on the second floor of the refinery room to gather proof of what Rain Falls has learned regarding the relocation of the tribe.

Chapter 4 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

To sneak in the refinery, you must get on the wagon that's approaching your location right after you are done talking with Eagle Flies. The wagon will stop by the train track to let a train pass, so you have plenty of time to sneak on board. You can enter the refinery on foot if you so desire, but you must use the wagon if you're aiming to get a Gold Medal for the mission, as this is among the requirements.

Once the wagon gets inside the refinery grounds, it's time to head to the office. During this sneaking sequence, you must keep a close eye to the mini-map to make sure no one sees you, as getting spotted will make things much more difficult. Reaching Danbury's office without being detected is also among the requirements for the Gold Medal.

As there aren't many guards, getting inside the building without getting spotted is quite easy. Once inside, however, you must be careful, as there are a few men on the ground floor and more at the top. They tend to move around often, so find a good hiding spot, and wait for the chance to slip by unnoticed.

Once inside Danbury's office, Arthur will waste no time getting the information he needs. With a little threatening, the man will give you the files you need and will also stay quiet as to not raise the alarm. Once you have obtained the documents, you can make your exit through the window.

Unfortunately, you will finally be spotted, and hell will break loose. Thankfully, Eagle Flies thought of a diversion to help you escape. This diversion, however, is not enough to make Arthur escape without a fight, so it's time to get your weapons out.

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you must complete it with at least 80% accuracy. As always, make ample use of Dead Eye to be as accurate as possible, and use tonics that restore it as you need. Shooting lanterns is a good way to get rid of multiple enemies with a single shot.

Once you have dealt with enemies in the vicinity, you must make your escape. Eagle Flies will bring your horse and follow you while you get away from the refinery. Sadly, enemies will also pursue you, and you must kill all the horseback pursuers during the escape if you are aiming to get the Gold Medal for the mission. There are only three of them, so it's not difficult at all to kill all of them.

Once these last enemies are dead, a cutscene will play and the mission will be complete.

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